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  • I wish I hadn’t upgraded WordPress and the only reason I did is because it was listed as the latest stable release.

    I could not get it to work on my main blog and neither could my host. They say it’s scripting errors and they are unwilling to work on them for less than $100 per hour.

    I was able to get it running on my two subdomains, but now am having trouble logging in or even just trying to read comments. White Screen of Death during log-in.

    I went through the forums and saw to disable pinging and I did, which helped briefly. Now I’m at a place once again where I can’t log in and I can’t even look at the comments – WSOD there as well.

    I’ve contacted my host yet again but in browsing through the forums it appears there are a lot of folks having trouble with this. Any other suggestions?

    The only plug-in I have running is the Askimet spam filter and I can’t log in to disable that.

    Site is

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  • Hmm. Came up in 4.5secs for me (Firefox Saw one error in css (spelled solid soild ;’). Used a bad tag somewhere (<s>). Comments came up in under 2secs.

    Nothing to suggest a performance issue, or anything that might create one.

    Looks specific to wp-admin (admin areas)? No errors?

    (BTW, to disable a plugin you can ftp in and delete it).

    The site is up now, but I’m sure it’ll go down during high traffic time again tomorrow.

    Received the following email from my host:

    We find that and use up 100 connections to the mysql server.
    The sites are disable now.
    Would you mind give it a check on the script.
    If the script is ok for use. Please open an ticket to ask for a testing for your site.

    Earlier the comments would not load. I was not logged in and had cleaned my cache – just like any other person happening across the site, I clicked on the comments button and got the WSOD.

    Shake some change loose from your old fruit jar, buy your host and fire that idiot.

    Install wp-cache. It doesn’t diagnose and address query problems, but it will get your host off your back.

    If you’re using wp-cron, re-evaluate. Apparently it can exascerbate such issues

    I’ve downloaded wp-cache but of course cannot log in to implement it. I’m only having problems during high traffic times and here is the latest from my host:

    “The issue is with your webiste opening too many connections without closing them. You should try to contact wordpress on the connection issue.”

    Okay. I’m contacting WordPress. Will wp-cache help with this?

    I also did the dashboard disable and again have no plug-ins running except for Askimet, and I got no ping. I’m pingless, even. Ping free.

    I’m not using wp-cron.

    I’m not stupid but I’m not a programmer either, so any help will be appreciated. I’ve already paid this host (who has been responsive to my requests thus far) for a year. There is no way I’m signing up with someone else at this point.

    Please list any other plugins you are using. My gut says it’s a plugin issue, not a core WP issue.

    I forgot about running X-Dashboard which I just uploaded and started using last evening. Everything worked fine the rest of last night and this morning. I’m only having problems during high traffic times and currently I can’t log in. I also can’t pull up the comments.

    So, plug-ins = X-Dashboard & Askimet. The only one running when my issues started was Askimet. I do not have any other plug-ins enabled.

    P.S. – My host says it’s a scripting error.

    Does your host have more details? Or is every WordPress site on their servers having errors (which would be the first we’ve heard of it here!).

    Anything helpful from your apache error logs?

    I will contact my host again and ask them. I have no idea where my Apache error logs even are.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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