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  • I have read so many posts from other people already about this but I have not seen anyone come up with a solution… please help!!

    Here is the situation:
    Both the admin panel and my website and other WP websites load so slowly on my computer and often time out. Updating my blog in any way is painful. And then once in a while everything will load quickly, but not very often.
    Other websites on my computer load fine.
    Using a laptop in the same room as my computer on the wireless connection loads the WordPress pages fine.
    Using other people’s computers loads fine.
    I created a dummy blog with no added plugins at all. The admin panel still times out.
    Just my computer, just Worpress. I have tried 3 different browsers, all the same.
    I use a Dell PC computer with Windows XP.

    I feel like there must be some setting somewhere on my computer that is incompatible with WP. But I can’t find it. I am wondering if other people have the same issue. Can anyone solve this mystery?


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  • Could it be anti-virus software? I’ve certainly seen that really slow down some people’s systems if it’s not set up right. (McAfee particularly comes to mind, as it is quite bloated these days.)

    Obviously it’s something local to that particular computer, though.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Your site loaded in less than 7 seconds with IE7 and less than 9 seconds with FF3.

    But, it has a tremendous amount of errors in it and trying to work thru these will slow browsers down. Validate your site at

    You can see what your site looks like in different browsers at

    I have no antivirus running right now. I disabled it to see if that was the problem. It wasn’t.

    I know there are errors, but still it shouldn’t take that long, to the point that it never loads. I would be happy with 7 and 9 seconds. I really don’t think this is the problem.

    Could it be something to do with Ajax? That is used quite a bit in the backend of WordPress, and possibly in the front end depending on your plugins.

    Are there really NO other sites that you have this problem with? You should try to determine what aspects of the wp-admin make it different from “ordinary” websites.

    Although I see you say you are having this problem (on 1 computer) with many WP sites… is it happening with other PHP based websites as well?

    The only way I can think of for you to find out the problem is by process of elimination…

    Thanks for trying to help.
    The front end of my site loads slowly too. There is another website that acts the same as mine so I have been trying to figure out what we may have in common. The other site is This site often times out before it loads on my computer. They also use WordPress.
    Other than that site, I usually don’t have any problems. Everything else loads quickly, even other sites that use WordPress. Could it be something with particular templates? But why only on my computer?

    Moderator kmessinger


    All errors contribute to the total time to load but since yours loads fairly fast on other computers it must be a local issue. Your wp-admin also loads fast. I loaded your code locally and eliminated items one-by-one until the load speed was much faster.

    Script problems that effect your loading time: Get Update; Sponsored by; and lastly near the very end of your code `<script type=”text/javascript”>
    var load_cmc = function(){linktracker_init(5402230,0,2);};
    if ( typeof addLoadEvent != ‘undefined’ ) addLoadEvent(load_cmc);
    else load_cmc();

    Amazon ad sense and store will also slow times so it is better not to have too many scripts executing at once. They all need to connect to the internet and when on your local machine you may not have enough bandwidth.

    All that said, what browser are you using? If you IE, you can also load FF so you can compare times. Do you have a broadband connection? If you go to tools in your browser you should see Sun Java Console – it should say Java Plug-in 1.6.0_05.

    Thanks. I have tried with Firefox, IE and even Safari for Windows. All have the same problem. My java console says Java Plug-in 1.6.0_07.

    I will try to do some code cleanup but I still don’t think that can be the problem since it should slow it down on everyone else’s too.

    I can use a laptop on wireless in the same room with no problems.

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    I wish someone would figure this out. It must be a Windoze thing…. I cannot edit my wordpress site (slow or no load) from my laptop running windows – although I can quickly get to any other site, including other WordPress sites from the same laptop. I have tried other browsers and still the same thing.

    Other computers on the same router can get to the site quickly.

    When I boot into linux from the laptop all is fine also. So it must be some glitch in Windows and I have no clue what would affect all browsers.

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