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    recently I have noticed a minor issue with the CSS files, which have been optimised , they appear to be taking longer to load, any suggestions ? thx

    Start Offset: 1.080 s
    Initial Connection: 122 ms
    Time to First Byte: 141 ms
    Content Download: 752 ms
    Bytes In (downloaded): 54.9 KB

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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Depends on you configuration;

    By default (since 1.8.0 that is) aggregated/ minified files are served as static files (.css and .js) and PHP, WordPress or Autoptimize are not involved (they just create the files). This works great (and fast) provided your webserver takes care of compressing the transfer and adding caching directives. If you webserver is Apache, Autoptimize includes a .htaccess-file that tries to configure it (Apache) to do that correctly.

    If you’re not on Apache (or if you are but mod_expires and mod_deflate are not available), then you either have to configure your webserver yourself OR you can switch to non-static file-dellivery. In that case you have .php-files (instead of .css and .js ones) and all transport optimization is done by PHP code instead of the webserver. There is however a (slight) of PHP having to kick in, which is why the default is static files.

    hope this helps,


    we configured deflate in our http.conf rather than htaccess as it is server wide and uses less resources, where does your htaccess file reside, this might be slowing it down when used in conjunction with conf ??

    would there be anyway to build into software an upload to cloudfront and serve the css files from there ?

    I was considering xcache for php but not sure if it is wise running with woocommerce


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    autoptimze’s .htaccess is in /wp-content/cache/autoptimize/.htaccess, but I doubt that would have an impact over your side-wide config.

    autoptimze does not have integration with cloudfront (which is a specific push CDN solution with perks), but does support pull CDN’s. If cloudfront supports that in any way, you can use that?

    using an php accelerator like xcache (i’m on apc, but there are others) is highly recommended.


    how do you find APC ? are you using a site with woocommerce on it when running apc on server ?

    i will try it with cloudfront

    what i was meaning is when autoptimze works it magic if you could change the plugin to upload the files to S3 clouds and we can pull them from the cloud when site is loaded up would really speed it up 🙂

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    apc is great, but it does (very) occasionally go in a “white screen of death”-mode. apperantly the default optimizer for php 5.5 is zend optimizer+ (or something), so that might be worth your while as well.

    funnily enough i have been looking at zend all day, only because apc is no longer being updated

    had problems trying to install it, I uninstalled it and went to post office to do post for a break lol

    we are using php 5.4, the zend opcache seems to only in beta which presents whm with a problem so manual installation is the only way.

    dont want to update to php 5.5 yet although it is faster than 5.4 there are some issues with WP

    so unless i can get this to install we are in a corner lol

    ha, cant php optimizers with SuPHP, so now i need to switch to fastcgi but need to figure out if it will effect a current installation of wordpress when switching over


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    that’s pretty low-level stuff you’re working on there. best of luck 😉

    yeh done all that

    relatively easy once you figure out whm does not work in a normal way

    still would like to serve the css files from cloudfront, so consider a feature request and a big thank you 🙂

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