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    I have read several threads here, have used, and have installed W3 Total Cache plugin. Speedtest shows 4-11 seconds, but using a stop watch my Admin takes 30+ seconds to load.

    I have been working on this site for weeks and never had an issue with page load or admin load speeds.

    Early this week the problem started and goDaddy advised me they had a Linux server issue and would migrate my site to another server that was not so busy. I have called goDaddy support two more times and they report there is no problem with their server.

    The site : will be replacing the site currently here:

    W3 Total Cache has certainly improved page loads once you’ve visited one but the editing in Admin is so slow I cannot bear to work on it.

    Now, sorry to be so verbose…but the issue seems to be with my IP Address? The site loads quickly on my phone, on my wife’s PC at her work, and on other PC’s outside of my business.

    Is it possible that the goDaddy server has an issue with my IP Address?

    Grasping at straws,

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  • If your site is, here is the report that shows a very good pageload speed:

    Thanks Krishna…but the problem is with the WordPress site.

    Loaded quickly here too 🙂

    Sorry I cannot offer anything further on the matter.

    On a sort-of related matter, the main image on the home page is rather large, file-size wise at 418kb; you may want to consider re-sampling the image to reduce the file (50kb would be lots).

    Here is the comparison between the two:

    Still not bad – loads in 1.6 sec. Reduce the page size for improvement. Also see other areas for improvement shown by

    I sincerely apologize for wasting anyone’s time here…as it turns out the problem was with goDaddy’s hosting server. The Linux machine became too busy and we were getting timeouts.

    Within 24 hours the site page load was fast, and today (two days later) the admin page loads are back to normal.

    And, we did nothing on this end…and this legacy account remains on the same server. My only guess is they migrated enough of the other sites, that my location is back to normal.

    Thanks again to Krishna and 2ninerniner2 for their replies.

    You are welcome! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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