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  • Howdy,

    I’ve detected a problem that my website takes really long time to load or doesn’t load at all on Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad). Its not constantly because sometimes is works fine but suddenly the loading bar stops and remains there for about 30-40 seconds until the page appears. At the same time I try loading the page on firefox/chrome and it appears in an instance.

    Fully validated without errors, latest wordpress
    Server running ISS 7 Windows machine

    I would guess that it is not an loading issue, more of a connection type problem.
    When it happens the wordpress panel becomes slow as well.

    Anyone had a similar issue?

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  • I tried the page on both Firefox and Safari on a Mac and they both loaded okay — not instantly, but not slow. I’m at a Starbucks with pretty good connectivity.

    Seems like this might (also) be a caching issue on your machine — appearing in an instant is usually because it’s cached. Have you tried clearing all the caches and then loading it in various browsers, or testing on other machines?

    If WP panel is slow, sounds like a connection — what about other websites?

    Thanks for quick reply.

    Its really hard to isolate the problem because right now it works fine but later in an hour it will be impossible to enter the page as it will load for 30-40sec.

    I have installed two plugns: “wp super cache”, “Improve my load times”
    as a result of this issue and it havent help. It have been tested on several machines and the issue remains on Safari (as well iPhone and iPad)

    Bump… Is anyone else experiencing this, slow load time on iphone with wordpress?…. It occurs even on just my login page, before I have any plugins load. But yes, it is very intermittent.



    How much memory do you have in your host. If you are using object caching, how much memory is configured for the cache backend.

    I don’t know. However, I’m hosting the site from my WHS 2011 machine. I don’t know about the object caching. The system memory is 4GB. I’m only using it to host a small personal site and a site for a soccer team I coach.

    Can you tell me where to check and perhaps what your though process is here?

    I appreciate your willingness to help. Sorry, my comprehension isn’t wonderful. I dabble in so many things, but don’t consider myself an expert at anything. lol

    Sorry, another bump… Anyone? I’ve realized that this is not just an iphone issue. It is also a Safari issue. Loads fine in IE, FF and Chrome.

    Should I be posting a new thread?


    I resolved it^^

    It was actually a plugin causing this problem cause it could load properly, deactivate everything.. try again, the start activating plugins one by one to isolate the one that is causing this.

    Ok. Thanks for reposting.

    I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Strange and unfortunate that it only causes problems in Safari.

    I solved mine now as well, by enabling the developer tools in safari and then viewing the timeline as the page was loading. This way I didn’t have to play the guessing game. One of the plugin pages showed at total load time of 2.2 MINUTES. :O Deactivated and all is well.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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