• Hey… I posted about this awhile ago but then I got busy. Now I am looking at it again.
    My website is running terribly slowly and I have no idea why. First I thought it was the referrer script so I took it out. Then I thought it was the amazon media manager in the sidebar so I took the call for it out, even though it is still installed in the backend. No good. Still slow as molasses. There are some other plugins on there. php giggle, livepress, etc… I have no idea what exactly is making the site load so slowly. Any advice would be great.
    Should I post this also in the plugins section?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I can’t see that it could be a plugin as this effect would be widely reported.
    When I clicked your link, it seemed to take ages for the server to respond, but when it did, the page came in quickly enough.
    Have you checked your server error log to see if there is anything in there that may shed some light ?

    This must be a pingback / trackback thing surely ?

    What is a “pingback” /trackback thing? I’m not linking that many sites I don’t think?

    My god. Tek, don’t take this personally, REALLY, but your site is messed up. My guess is that it is a combination of things. Your page just took 12 seconds to generate and 964!!!!! queries, which is awful.
    If I had to point fingers, any plugin doing extra DB access or network lookups would be suspect. First, get your queries down under 100. That’s a good starting point.
    – Your viewable-comments thing is probably a big part of the problem.
    – Media Manager might also contribute — I’ve seen people say that it doesn’t cache, but I don’t have firsthand experience.
    – ‘You said’ lookup might be big. Dunno.
    – ‘They came from’ might be big as well.
    Easiest thing to do is turn off the inline comments, media manager, you said, they came from, etc. Then, turn things on one by one, each time doing multiple page loads to check the generation time. Inline comments should be the last thing to turn back on.
    If you’d like me to help debug directly, you can install the CG-PowerPack, and give me an admin account, and I can quickly turn some stuff on to profile the queries and where they are coming from. Lemme know if you get stuck trying to debug yourself and need a second set of eyes.. cgcode at chait dot net.

    Hmmm okay here is a question.
    I did take out the amazon thing and the referrals and the “you said”but only the calls for them from the index.php page… as I said, I didn;’t take them out the backend becasue I didn’t think that if you weren’t calling for them it would still try to look it up. The only reason why I say that is because I do have a lot of items on the amazon thing on the side, but if I am not asking them to be shown on index.php then I cant see why it would be so slow to load.
    This is something that seems to be getting progressively slower…

    Problem is some of those are hacks and some are plugins.
    How do you give someone an admint account. I don’t see that option

    ah, got ya

    I think I broke everything.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Looks okay … still slow loading, but it works.

    Well, I turned off all the hacks or didn’t put a call to them on the index.php. The only thing I can think is that something that is runing in the background even though I didn’t ask for it to be called up on index.php.
    I honestly am at a loss.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’d take David up on his offer – he knows his stuff !

    I sent him an email. Hopefully he will say hello soon.

    I worked my magic (lucky girl, didn’t get my normal $100/hr billing!) and the site is much better.
    Notes for others:
    phpGiggle was KILLING performance. Basically, anything doing repeated passes on the_content can affect performance. In Tek’s case, she also had a lot of posts per page, which notched it up further. If you have performance problems, make sure to turn off anything like giggle, acronym things, word substitutions, etc.
    ViewLevel plugin does a TON of db queries. If you have any sort of slow pipe to your DB, or slow DB machine, you may see a slowdown.
    Blowing ViewLevel away was a comments hack Tek is running, that uses Javascript to show/hide the comments for a post. That was an even huger hit on the DB.
    In the end, no-giggle was the big win. She needed ViewLevel, I turned down the posts per page, and the comments script thing is back on but could be turned off for further performance wins.

    one of my blogs ( http://www.newsdissector.org ) occasionally slows to a crawl and i’m not sure why. pages that do not makes calls to the wordpress db (such as the contact form page: newsdissector.org/contact.php) are fine. another blog on the same box (same server of same host) is fine, though it has less active plugins.

    anybody have more tips for troubleshooting this and specifically identifying plugins with excessive queries? both the problematic blog ( http://www.newsdissector.org ) and the stable one ( http://www.roryoconnor.org ) both use scott reilly’s autohyperlinks plugin, which i thought might be the culprit from reading david chait’s comments immed. above?

    would it help if listed active plugins here?

    i’ve written my host asking if they can tweak phpmyadmin so it allows me to see active processes. i’m still a clutz with php/mysql but am hoping that might provide clues.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Contact your hosting provider and ask them if they’re having problems with your MySQL server.

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