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  • My website ( slowed down It can take up to 50 seconds for a page to load.

    I dont know how this happened. Its been this way for the last 5 days. My host is go daddy and I’m thinking of getting a new host now.

    About 2 weeks ago My site was hacked and they changed the index.php file on me and all it said was hacked by ulath. I changed it back and a few hours later they wiped out my css. I corrected that, password protected my admin and it seemed to stop. I noticed in google Analytics that a certain hacker website was trying to get in my photo albums, it seemed like a back door. so I had no more problems with that so everything was working good.

    about a week later now it just slowed down. I cant figure it out. usually go daddy has some lag times but they usually go away after a few hours. this one hasn’t, I called them 3 times and they gave me the “its not us” line.

    also I have 5 other websites on the same account and they all run wordpress. Some are bare bones and all of them are slow. so I was thinking its go daddy with a data base problem. One of my other sites (one the same account) is not database driven and it is fast.

    Things Ive tried:
    optimized the tables
    turned of plugins
    deleted cleaned up old data base’s

    I might have to make a switch, but I was wondering if anybody else could help first. This is the first time Ive have this kind of trouble with go daddy in a year of service.

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  • Having the same problem. Getting the same answer, probably from the same idiot.

    The support guy yesterday said they were having “intermittent” service problems on the server my site is on and that they were working on fixing it.

    Today’s goober could barely get a complete sentence out. Their customer service people have always been the only thing keeping me there but this is enough to prompt a move to a new host.

    No more cheap hosting for me. You get what you pay for (you don’t get what you don’t pay for.)

    I am having the same problem now. I called GoDaddy and they said the server was performing ‘acceptably,’ despite how my site is taking about thirty seconds to load.

    I am trying out WP Cache as a mechanism for reducing the number of database calls. It’s the MySQL servers at GoDaddy that are really slow. Static content still loads quite quickly.

    Where did you get your theme? problems on joomla and wordpress may be the themes. Where did you get yours?

    See this heads up article about themes that come with built-in spyware and viruses.
    Always best to download direct from author.
    or you can get them from
    Theme Viewer

    tho I hear the themes are old.
    Even my webhost has been attacked in the past. I don’t think any are really safe if you actually unknowingly import the problems yourself.

    Good luck.

    I am having the same problem. It seems like GoDaddy is a common factor in some cases.

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