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  • Hello,

    I am using this plugin for more than a year. I tried many things to make the site faster but it seems this plugin slows the page down because I cannot use cookies on the product and checkout page because if I do the cart reducer does not work properly. I have 20-30 customers on my webpage in the same time (if the product is launched 20-30 people try to buy in the same time) and sometimes the server run 100% and time out. The site is on Amazon AWS (16GB, 4 CPU, 320Gb SSD). Do you have any solution for my problem?

    Thanks and regards,


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  • Plugin Author James Golovich


    I’ve been planning on doing some optimizing but haven’t had any available time to work on it.

    The problem is that this plugin is absolutely useless in this form. Today only 20 people was on the site in the same time, and it was collapsed.:( Without this the site is very fast. But without this plugin I am dead.:(

    Plugin Author James Golovich


    Sorry it’s not working as expected for you. If you would like to fund development you can contact me privately, otherwise it’ll have to wait until I have some time on my volunteer schedule open up.

    We had the same issue too, great plugin but the overhead is unfortunately pretty high, and also brought our site down with only around 20 concurrent users

    this is the query that grows as the number of users hit the site

    SELECT session_key, session_value, session_expiry
    FROM wp_woocommerce_sessions

    From only around 60 records on our dev site – to 4k+ when on our live site.

    Will buy you a beer if you have time to sort this 😀



    Hi @jamesgol ,

    I would like to know how much will it cost for the plugin to become available for caching and eliminating the speed issues?

    Best Regards

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    @webmakers2011 + @jamesgol I’ll join to pay too! Really like this plugin and my clients too. But it crash everything when you have a trafic.

    I’m currently asked to rewrite the plugin for some of my clients. So count me in to funds this !

    Plugin Author James Golovich


    I do not have an estimate on what it would cost, it could take 5 hours or it could take 20 hours. There is a donation link on the plugin page or you can send me a direct email to discuss.

    I found a solution. Go to Woocommerce–>System status (or Status)–>Tools. Here look for “Customer sessions” and clear all. After this the site will be super fast. The problem is that this will empty all the carts. And this action should be done very often. In my case I do it twice, three times a day.



    @henrilegrand and @hbteam01 I found a premium plugin that can clear the customer sessions at certain intervals automatically –

    These guys also made a plugin for the Checkout countdown, but I think it does not remove the stock after the product is added to the cart… –

    I have asked the developers if this can be added in their plugin if I hear from them I’ll let you know.

    hi @webmakers2011 Very interesting ! Thx or the share. Did you have any news from the devs about the “stock reducing” function ?

    Once again thx for your update, appreciate it 🙂

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