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    I am trying out the new 2.7beta, which i think is great, however, my dashboard is really slow compared to the 2.6.3 dashboard.

    Even a fresh install is really slow. I am using a Centos5-64bit quad core machine with 8gb of mem, so i don’t think it is hardware related since the 2.6 dashboard is lighting fast (also other blog systems or cms systems like joomla etc.. are lighting fast).

    What can i do to pinpoint this problem, any suggestions!


    PS: The frontend site is really fast, so it is only the dashboard which is really slow, i also tried several browsers / os (mac / PC IE7, Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

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  • Same here. I love the new dash, I just wish it was up to speed.

    Have you tried enabling gears for wordpress. It’s the turbo button under tools menu. It download alot of the js that is used by the admin to your local machine. It really speeds it up, give it a try.


    Does not make any difference at all:

    Gears status
    Gears is geĂ¯nstalleerd en ingeschakeld op deze computer. Je kunt het uitschakelen vanaf je browsers tools menu.
    If there are any errors try disabling Gears, reloading the page, and re-enabling Gears.
    Lokale opslag status: Update completed.


    I did some research. I am noticing that when i click a link in the backend, it takes a second or 5 before the link actually starts loading. During that time PHP on the server goes bezerk and tops 100% cpu.

    This does not happen to any other php script / cms / blog which also resides on this server. 2.6.3 also doesn’t have these issues !

    Try the beta 2 their were some php warning/error fixes that will probably fix what you were experiencing.

    Beta 2 is even slower thant Beta 1 (indeed, any click on dashboard menu makes the server going down). I’m using Windows server 2003 and Uniform Server (wamp). 2.6.3 goes well and fast (as other php scritps).

    Any idea? Could I give you some usefull logs or smthg? I don’t know where to look.

    cannot seem to update from the backend any more.

    It looks like beta 2+ is a little bit faster, but not that much.

    I am still seeing the cpu goes 100% when loading the dashboard, however i noticed that in my case the beta2 is a little bit more responsive, but in no way to compare with 2.6.x (which is lighting fast!)

    Frontend of WP is fast, so it is basicly the dashboard which is really slow!

    Please, any support for this issue?

    I’m testing 2.7-beta2-9638 locally and the dashboard loads pretty fast for me in firefox 3 & safari 3, with and without gears enabled. It is slightly slower than in 2.6 but that’s to be expected with the added features and customization.


    Not here, as said before 2.6.3 loads very fast here, every click is a second later displayed completly. With 2.7 it takes a second of 4 or 5 before anything is happening, with that, the server is topping a 100% php each time for those 4 / 5 seconds.

    Server is quad core centos 5 64 bit 8 gb mem apache 2.2.9/php 5.2.6/mysql 5.0.45 , so i don’t think it is hardware related. There is something very strange going on, as i am not the only one with this problem!

    Also as stated before there are several other applications running on this server which are lighting fast!

    Hmm, I would think it probably is hardware related since not everyone is experiencing the problem. My set up is basically the same as yours. Apache: 2.2.9, PHP: 5.2.6, add MySQL (only difference): 4.1.22.

    Just like you, 2.6.3 and everything else loads extremely fast. I’ve been developing on WordPress since the days of 1.5, and this is the slowest (but best looking) dashboard ever, and it seems like the WP community does not seem too concerned with this issue right now which is a big one.

    I had the same problem.

    I solved it be de-activating:

    After that it was speedy again.

    Well if yours was fixed by deactivating a plugin, the issue wasn’t really the same đŸ˜‰

    We are talking about a clean install, so no plugins are installed. It is really that slow, that it is not workable at all. Is there someone here which can point me in a direction how to trace where the actual problem is ?

    I just timed refreshing the dashboard, it takes 10+ seconds to completly load up. Every click after loading the dashboard takes 8+ seconds

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