• 1. Enabling this plugin causes a 5-17s delay in processing CF7 submissions.

    2. The code is a hot mess.
    – commented-put blocks remain in deployed production code
    – much of the code is in one giant, 3000-line file
    – the code has not been linted or cleaned, and isn’t anywhere close to PHPCS/WPCS https://make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/best-practices/coding-standards/ (phpcs “FOUND 12794 ERRORS AND 2424 WARNINGS AFFECTING 2548 LINES”; after autofixing, there are 669 errors.)

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    I hope you are well. My name is Samer Bazzi and I am one of the co-founders at CRM Perks. I just sent you a direct email and I would love to chat when you have some time. We do our best to develop products which are useful and helpful. Writing code is an ART and I do agree that one persons view of the code is different than another. We follow the same model driven by many other popular plugins such as CF7, GF and so forth. We work very hard to keep users super happy and take feature requests in to account. It is possible that with all of the requests we have received and which we do add (free of charge – most of them), that the product does get bigger which naturally results in bloat. I understand how this can be a bit of a concern for a hard core developer like yourself but we did have plans to refactor in the future. We have many plugins and we honestly do our best to support every user / customer, to support the wordpress community and so forth.

    We support all of our plugins free of charge. We usually add most features requested by our users and especially those who upgrade to premium.

    We are two very hard working guys who do our best.

    I would love to connect. I already emailed you.

    [ Signature deleted ]

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