• I’ve been a Gravity Forms user FOREVER, and I still am. I purchased HappyForms because it supports Stripe integration at a much lower price than GF. Unfortunately for me, it never worked out.

    I received warnings on the backend after installation and viewing their sample form. The form wouldn’t load correctly on the front end. I provided MANY screenshots to support everyday for three days. They in turn responded casually, one email per day with the least amount of effort in responses (deactivate all other plugins, change themes, exclude from caching, …). Email responses the first two days arrived ~3 AM EST. I thought the company might be out of the Middle East. I offered to do a screen share with HappyForms but they were unwilling. Yes, I was willing to do a screen share and wake up at 3 AM to do so in order to get this right. They said no.

    On the third day email responses increased and happened during ~business hours (EST). It was focused on caching which was a waste of time because even with caching deactivated I still had the problems. I asked them if they read my earlier feedback (deactivating plugins) and reviewed the errors in Chromes developer tool, but they insisted it was all caching related. It wasn’t. I pay for WP-Rocket Cache and if there’s a problem their support is GREAT. However, even deactivating caching, this plugin didn’t work.

    On the third day I was now receiving more than one email per day, it was a trickle of ‘exclude this CSS folder’, now exclude that ‘js folder’, wait, that was the root folder, now exclude these js subfolders. Just a waste of time. After doing all the things they asked and the result being the same, I simply deactivated WP-Rocket Cache again (against my better judgement) and asked them to look again. They acknowledged the issues remained while sending me a hand clap emoji. Honestly, that ticked me off.

    It’s a premium plugin without premium support. It didn’t work for the advertised purpose I purchased it for.

    After the end of the third day of debugging I gave up. I don’t fault software simply because there is a bug somewhere. It’s code and those things happen, a LOT. I do fault support when its ineffective.

    I don’t typically leave reviews, but HappyForms sent me an email requesting one. They asked for a 5 star review. Unfortunately this plugin and even more it’s support was NOT 5 star.

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    Hey @dajuan 👋

    Really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with us!

    Our Stripe integration is working on hundreds of websites, so it’s surely something in the details that’s causing the problem you’re having. While we’d love to continue helping you (let us know if we can, please!), we totally get that troubleshooting and back-and-forth emails isn’t something you signed up for.

    We’re based outside the US (across Europe and Australia), so while our support is typically super-quick our timezone differences may have led to the feeling of us being slow to reply. Again, super-sorry about that!

    Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to change your mind!

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    @thethemefoundry This review is relevant and valid.

    It’s a premium plugin without premium support. It didn’t work for the advertised purpose I purchased it for.

    You upsell this plugin. You invited this review here. Please do not report this review a 3rd time.

    Plugin Author thethemefoundry


    Sorry if that seemed a bit pesky, @jdembowski! We weren’t sure if the modlook tag was removed (we didn’t hear from anyone), so we re-added it.

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