• My company attempted to use Awesome Support for 6 months and had to revert back to a proper subscription system. We did this in hopes of saving some money but it ended up costing us frustrated customers. We are now happily back with Freshdesk.

    The kicker for my company was the “auto renewal” feature that was not turned off in time. The company charged us $400 for the product and when I approached them to get a refund on a product we have not used for 6 months they denied the return.

    I will happily tell anyone about my experience with Awesome Support and their lack of honor in providing a refund.

    Please stay away from this Plug In!! Don’t get me started on the vast number of plug-ins and the amount of management required!

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  • I would like to add that you must filter through the 5 star reviews to find one that has a true explanation of what is good about this product! So much fluff with no useful content!

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