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  • We are occasionally seeing slowness on checkouts only with eWay (credit/debit cards only). Usually redirection to Order-Received happens in under 10 seconds.
    However, not with Paypal or Afterpay – only with eWay which fires off the ajax call to eWay then OCCASIONALLY there is a delay of 25-60 seconds.(it takes 2 seconds to process according to eway support logs)
    Occasionally, after the first ajax call is fired and before it returns with a response or is logged in WC – a 2nd ajax call with the next order sequence number is fired off. (see below real example 26 seconds between).

    The order number which Google Analytics “Order Received” page logs is the latter of the 2 created.

    No errors are logged anywhere or returned from eWay (because it is a success, only slow).

    Result = extra orders that we have to refund. Emails appear to be sending fine.

    2019-08-24 6:07:11 info live gateway, invoice ref: XXXXXXX, transaction: ZZZZZZ, amount: 260.00, cc: [encrypted]
    2019-08-24 6:07:37 info live gateway, invoice ref: YYYYYYY, transaction: WWWWWW, amount: 260.00, cc: [encrypted]
    2019-08-24 6:07:46 info success, invoice ref: XXXXXXX, transaction: ZZZZZZ, status = completed, amount = 260, authcode = ABCABC, Beagle =
    2019-08-24 6:07:55 info success, invoice ref: YYYYYYY, transaction: WWWWWW, status = completed, amount = 260, authcode = DEFDEF, Beagle =

    I’ve been through the code and cannot find how/where the 2nd ajax call is being triggered spontaneously.
    UX seems to be that, occasionally, the user sees the spinner/loader during the delay (can’t prove this though). The delay causes them to believe it has “frozen” and possibly refresh the page OR (if the button allows it) re-pressing the Order button.

    This problem is not affecting Paypal or Afterpay, and emails are being sent.
    We have “defer email” set to “true”, and have been sending natively from WooCommerce.

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  • Plugin Author webaware


    G’day clickingclients,

    Thanks for the report. I received your other messages too. Will look into this today, and it does sound like a user initiated retry from what you’ve described, especially if it only happens when there’s been a delay in processing at the eWAY gateway.


    Thanks Ross. Much appreciated.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions/stats/plugin lists you need to see further what happening.

    On Siteground shared hosting, mainly Australian users, Cloudflare enabled (I believe ajax & checkout not cached).

    I was thinking/hoping to add some useful logging around the place to focus further.
    Perhaps within the ajax call itself, to see the timing.

    Thanks again.

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