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  • Resolved David Waumsley


    Hi Jeff, I love your work, but today I have had to deactivate this plugin to stop my admin pages from severely slowing down across numerous sites.

    I just wonder if it is something to do with the WP5.5.1 updates. I think that is the only update common to my affected sites. Yours was the last plugin I expected to be the issue.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Are you sure that it’s Blackhole that is doing it? I ask because the plugin works super fast on default WP install (which you can verify for yourself). The only thing I can think of is maybe your IP address was blocked for some reason? Have you checked the list of blocked IPs for any of your own, would be something to check out.

    Indeed. I have used your plugin/s for years on over 70 sites. I routinely measure back-end speeds and resources with Query Monitor or Usage DD so I know this is a weird one.

    All I can say for sure it that I can deactivate all plugins expect Blackhole and the admin pages load slowly. Re-active all others and turn off Blackhole and I’m back to normal. On one server the sites go from 0.5 to 20+seconds loading. Less on other servers.

    Query Monitor shows me no errors and record the RAM use as the same. Although I saw my server CPU hit 100% when testing again today.

    It’s not blocked IPs (in the normal sense), but my set up is over the top now as both Malcare and Virusdie has been added to sites. I removed them to test again but no joy. Could still be something left there on the servers.

    Best you don’t waste time on it. Later I will set up a blank install and add from there to see if I can nail this down.

    Thanks so much for your reply and all the things you have done for us WP users. Appreciated.

    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Understood. Let me know if you discover the cause of the issue, and/or if I can provide any infos about the plugin. I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved for now, feel free to post again with any further developments, questions, etc. Glad to help however possible. Thank you David.

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