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  • Hi everybody.

    I too have run into the dreaded slow loading admin panel.

    It takes forever(~1 min) loading up. The worst is when I update a post, all the little .gif’s come on one at a time, and they’re in no hurry!

    Using to timeline tool in Chrome, I saw that color-fresh.css and l10n.js took around 30 seconds to load. I haven’t seen any other post discussing these particular files.

    I have disabled all my plugins of course. I’m running suffusion theme, but so are my other sites which have no problems.

    I really hope, that the details about those two files might bring some details to light.

    Thank you all in advance!

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  • And update on my part.

    It actually seems a if thickbox.css is the first file to demonstrate long loading times.

    how did you find out what file was causing the load times iv got slow admin, and cant track down the issue ..

    I used the timeline pane in Chromes default inspection tool. Good luck!

    please explain more , downloading chrome now.

    according to chrome , WP-Admin edit.php took 2 minutes 40 seconds to load.

    so something with edit.php gona test the other slow pages and see what they say.

    load times are fluctuating, its 19 seconds some times and then others 2+ minutes, what the hell could do that its friggin frustrating.

    I don’t know. Besides the usual tips on removing plugins I’m blank.

    My issue solved itself after a few days, so I figured it was sketchy hosting.

    Good luck!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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