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    Hello everyone!!

    I´m using WordPress 2.3.2 with the xmlrpc.php from wordpress 2.3.3 and I´m having a serious problem with the speed in the dashboard. Going to my site is sometimes fast as hell and sometimes I can´t even access it.

    When I do get access to it and press “login” in the sidebar it feels as if everything freezes and I can´t proceed.

    If I manage to get to the dashboard and I want to write a new post it´s slow as hell and it doesn´t work.

    I´ve optimazed the MySQL datatables and installed WP-Cache, I´ve tried reinstalling wordpress 2.3.2, installing 2.3.3 but nothing works.

    So anyone got any suggestions on what to do now? I can surf fast around on every other site except my own. It leads me to think it is either a problem with wordpress or a plugin or the server my site is on.

    Plugins that I have are:
    Spam Karma 2
    Anarchy Media Player
    Wp Video

    and that´s it.

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  • Probably your database server. Mine is slow as hell too, but I blame GoDaddy for that.

    Ok, then I have a question, and something I forgot earlier.

    Why did this slowdown just say BAM and then appear? Cause earlier it was fast. But it just recently started being really really slow.

    And with the database, what can I do to fix it?

    There’s really no way to tell. You can try various things and you can hack the code to figure out where the slowdown is happening, but it’s not easy to figure these sort of things out. Sorry.

    thanks for your help. I´ll try something.

    when I installed the latest version of Firefox. without using the update firefox function it got faster.

    Why or how everything came to this I do not know, but the problem have dissapeared. So apparently it was something wrong with Firefox.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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