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  • outragedcanadian


    I’m using WP 3.4.2, twenty eleven theme. My site is very slow, especially when registering, or working in admin. I’ve done all I can find on the internet, without modifying any code, as I am not a programmer. Enabled W3TC, optimized database, enabled CDN (cloudflare). Hostpapa insists it’s my code, but I have not changed anything.
    I have tried deactivating all plug-ins and it didn’t make an appreciable difference. I’m not comfortable editing scripts unless I have no choice.
    Does anyone know if upgrading to 3.5 is likely to help? I’m just frustrated and stymied. Participants are complaining because of slowness logging in. Often there are errors, 500, 404, 406, as well as dbase errors.
    site is

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