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  • Running 3.2.1 and my admin is so slow its taking nearly a minute each time the page needs to load something, the front end is fine.

    I did of course search and read a few suggestions, I have removed all but the bare essential plugins, and am now willing to remove those as well to see if its one of them, but I have a question/problem.

    If I deactivate them, wont that kill/delete all their settings, is there a way I can remove them or turn them off or delete them that when I put them back or turn them back on all my widgets and settings will be still there ?

    if I need to delete all and reconfigure all my widgets its gona be a pain.

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  • Try doing a re-install of the /wp-admin/ folder from a freshly downloaded copy of WordPres.

    gona go try that right now

    Nah its still taking way to long to load, I dont get it tho, I didnt update or download any new plugins so cant think what made it screw up.

    What browser are you using? Does the same thing occur in a different browser?

    same in FF5 and IE..

    so is there no way for me to remove the plugins, but save their stats positions and widget locations etc?? or am I just gona have to delete or remove em and then put them all back in ?

    what would happen to say my widget and plugin data if I simply deleted the files from the server plugin folder, would that let me see if it was a plugin causing the problem, and if I then upload them back would their settings remain intact?

    A lot of plugins store their settings in your database, which are left behind when you remove them.

    Removing them via ftp would make minimal difference. There are no guarantee’s that it would work.

    ok just deleted all my plugins, and it didnt do squat, so its something with either my server or wordpress.

    And since its a problem google shows up a lot on a search I rekon its WP 🙁 all that plugin data lost for nothing.

    With ~25 million self hosted WordPress installations, it is likely something specific to your setup that is causing the issue.

    Could you post some details on your specific server setup?

    There might also be some scripts or stylesheets being arbitrarily loaded in the dashboard. Have a look through the sourcecode and see if anything jumps out at you. It might be worth copy/pasting the source code to Pastebin so I can look through it to.

    I’m running the 3.3.2 wordpress version in two websites, and my admin panel has been incredibly slow!
    Any tips about what is making this slow down?

    I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled all plugins, i’m only running a contact form plugin and the Wp-Supercache plugin.
    Also after posting a new post it takes forever to see it on my website!

    Thank you!



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