[Resolved] Slow?

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  • Perhaps the time it spends for optimize it is more than the time gain for the code.

    I installed it on a test site. It did make the size smaller but also slower. I test it using a website speed test site.

    Page size: 282 KB
    Page load time: 3.195s

    Page size: 281 KB
    Page load time: 3.681s

    Gaining 1 KB of size but sacrificing 0.5s is not good.

    Oh yes, I got it! Thank you, Handoko.

    Plugin Author Steven Vachon


    Should be faster than .5s, but anyway, as stated in the FAQ, you should be using a caching plugin to prevent any slowdown.

    Yes, as stated in the FAQ. It is reasonable caching plugins can prevent the slowdown, because the pages it generated do not need to request database queries and can skip the heavy calculation every time a page being requested.

    Will WP-HTML-Compression works harmony with W3 Total Cache? You only mentioned WP Super Cache, does anyone ever tested:
    WP-HTML-Compression + W3 Total Cache ?

    I ever wanted to use this WP-HTML-Compression, but I don’t want to ruin my sites. I ever tried html minification plugin, oh I was scared after then.

    Have this plugin heavly tested?

    Plugin Author Steven Vachon


    Heavily tested, but software is never perfect. It was tested with W3 Total Cache a while ago, but not recently. It should, however, if W3’s HTML minifier is disabled (it sucks, anyway).

    I don’t enable W3TC minifier, just enable basic caching feature.

    Your WP-HTML-Compression sounds interesting. Will definitely use it and report back if found any problem.

    great plugin, i got very good load time after use it


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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