• Terrible when used with product variations. They need to handle the sync in the background and not slow the admin interface when publishing products.

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    Update: 29/10/19 (since I can’t edit my own review)

    As someone else has recently point out, this plugin caused my account to be locked out needing me to reset my password and review all recent actions before I could get back in.
    This happened multiple times over a week before I just gave up renewing the API key. That solved the problem of our site taking ages to update products. Without it being able to connect to FB saving was lightening fast.

    I’d planned to make a load of changes, renew the key and just sync the entire catalogue over night but I forgot to and kept forgetting.

    Now I’ve gone to do it, renewing the API key says it’s successful but reloading the page says it’s expired. I can’t renew the key and can’t upload all our new products to fasebook.

    I really wish you could give no stars, it really doesn’t deserve the 1 star.

    Plugin is badly supported, broken and even when it does work interferes with store admin. I’ve written plugins and use others where big processing is offloaded to a cron event instead of running immediately. Such a simple change could make a world of difference to the admin interface (that is, if it ever works again).

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    Mar 2020: Was just about to kill this plugin, but can see from another review reply that skyverge has taken over this plugin. I really really hope they manage to sort out the slowness of it. Currently trying to bulk edit and publish 100 products (with variations) in batches of 5 at a time, and this plugin takes sooooo long the page is timing out. It really need to move whatever it’s doing to the background and stop messing up the WooCommerce Admin.

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