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  • Just wanted to say I downloaded and installed 2.7RC2 for testing purposes and on the same server as my own website (same account), and I like it, but it’s so slow in comparison with 2.6.5…..

    I just hope WP will not develop into something so heavy and fancy that it will become too slow to handle. I see so much in the admin pages I don’t need and want, and althought the sidebar on the left seems to ‘capture it all’, it’s also rather slow I think.

    I think that If I would/could have the choice, I would prefer the admin interface of 2.6.5. over 2.7., especially because it’s faster.\

    Nevertheless, 2.7 does look good 😉

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  • Did you do a clean install or did you import your database and plugins?

    The reason I ask is that not all plugins are up to 2.7 yet, so that might account for some of the problem. If you did, you might try selectively turning plugins off and see how that works.

    I assume you’re talking about the admin console functionality…

    It was a clean install into an new database. Then I imported part of my WP export xml-file to have some posts to work/experiment with. No plugins installed.

    Yes, I was talking about the admin console. In my experience with 2.6.5. I got things done quicker then with 2.7. Also I didn’t have to click so much. And, but that’s personal, I have never been a fan of moving and sliding windows/menu’s, and I guess that’s what making the user experience (my user experience ;)) so slow.

    While a band-aid approach, and not something that will work for everyone, especially those that use multiple machines, you might try installing the google gears stuff by clicking “Turbo” in the upper right hand side of admin in the black bar.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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