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    – TaxoPress populates a list of taxonomies created in other plugins (e.g. CPT-UI) in WordPress options. Not sure when this happens (assume when TaxoPress is installed). But this list is not refreshed if the external taxonomy is deleted.

    – TaxoPress creates separate admin menu items for each supported post type. Actually, only some of them – post, page, anywhere elementor and media attachments. That’s 4 menu items for each taxonomy.

    Missing Feature
    – no function to add filters for taxonomies created in TaxoPress – separate 3rd party plugin required.

    Sluggish Support
    – presales questions are answered w/i 24 hours. But for support issues (freemium version) – 48 hours and still waiting.

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  • Plugin Author Steve Burge


    Hi @imincognito

    We didn’t answer yesterday because it was the release of WordPress 6.0 and it occupied our whole day.

    It’s not helpful to leave a negative review because we didn’t respond on such as busy day.

    You have two paths from here:

    1) Remove this negative review and we’ll take a look at the issues you report.
    2) Leave the review up, and we’ll close your support issues and move on to assist users who are being helpful.

    Thread Starter imincognito


    That’s really unprofessional – I can’t believe you’re threatening to withhold support because I left a negative review.

    I left a 2-star review because your plugin has some serious flaws. I commented on the support as a tertiary issue because you did respond to a pre-sales question in a timely fashion, but didn’t respond to a support question. I get that potential revenue is important, but so are existing users. I further noted that the support issue was for your freemium version.

    As to the distraction of the 6.0 rollout, the CPTUI team didn’t seem to have any problems promptly responding to the same issue. In fact, they were helpful in directing me to the options table, where I discovered the issue I reported in this thread.

    You have two paths from here:
    1) respond to my support tickets and I’ll adjust the review accordingly.

    2) Abandon the support tickets and I’ll expand on my review.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    @stevejburge What you just asked the OP to do is actually extortion. Telling someone you will ONLY help them if they edit their review is not okay. Please never do that again.

    @imincognito Your claim of ‘sluggish’ support is very odd. Taking 48 hours, or even a whole week, to debug something and get back to you is not uncommon. I get why you’re upset about it, but it’s a lot easier to answer pre-sales questions than it is to debug and determine what’s wrong with something. Unless they have a public SLA that says ‘we respond within 4 hours’ (they don’t), then it’s unreasonable to expect immediate service.

    Both of you need to calm down, and are being flagged for forum moderation going forward. This means all your posts will need to be approved by a moderator.

    Thread Starter imincognito


    My primary concerns in this review were the bugs and the missing feature. The support issue was listed third, as it was not my chief issue. Under other circumstances, I would not have called this out. However – the TaxoPress pre-sales team responded within hours (to a different question), while the support team did not respond w/i 48 hours. Further, the CPTUI team did respond (to the same issue) and graciously pointed me in the right direction to identify the cause (which is in the TaxoPress plugin). And they responded in less than a day. While I agree that in most cases vendors should be accorded some slack in response time, under the circumstances, I don’t consider my review to be unreasonable, or even odd.

    The vendor’s response to my review was out of line and my response to his threat was likewise reasonable – I would have been within my rights to downgrade the review to a single star if he further refused to respond to my support ticket.

    Please remove me from forum moderation.


    Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


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    Moderator note: You’ll be removed from moderation when, after reviewing future replies, we find that you are staying within guidelines.

    Thread Starter imincognito


    Steve – could you please elaborate on which guidelines I violated? I posted a negative review and, per your own moderator, the vendor threatened a form of extortion.

    Also, pls note – he’s now sending emails to my personal email account (that I used for the sales inquiry) expressing his concern re my review.

    Moderator James Huff


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    @imincognito Posting a review for support is also a form of extortion: https://wordpress.org/support/guidelines/#the-bad-stuff

    We’re not here to take sides, just enforce the guidelines as-is.

    Over time, if there are no more guideline violations, the moderation flag will be removed.

    Until then, your threads and replies will require moderation approval before they become publicly visible. Though we are a small team of volunteers, we try to clear out all pending items hourly.

    If you have any more questions, you can reach the Moderators in the #forums channel on our Slack instance: https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

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