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  • For the moment I’m giving it 4 stars, the plugin is good but it’s too basic. It turned out that my theme already had all the feature in place and WooCustomizer actually conflicted with some CSS, colors, tabs (so, back to my child-theme). I was looking forward to some real hacks, for instance adding a background image or changing the shop-page layout. It turns out that it doesn’t do anything like that (after all, only premium plugins can do that, silly me to think I’d found a solution). Also the “catalogue only” feature turned out to be a premium one.
    At the moment I cannot use it. Maybe one day. Hats off to the good work anyway.

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  • Plugin Author Kaira


    Hi @arsenalemusica

    So, to explain a little how the WooCustomizer has been built to work… WooCustomizer free version is built (and aiming) to be a great free product on it’s own, offering a bunch of WooCommerce customizations settings (currently over 70+ top-level settings) all free and still growing with features.

    As for the shop layout & background image… I mention in the plugins that it’s difficult to make WooCustomizer work perfectly with every/all themes and changing the shop layout or adding background images to elements are more theme territory, as themes determine the page layouts and design of the pages on the front-end of the site, that is why WooCustomizer only really adds on for the WooCommerce specific elements, and these might conflict with themes sometimes as it’s trying to override theme styling too, and I offer support to help make these work if they don’t.

    And as mentioned on the WooCustomizer front page, WooCustomizer is not one of those plugins that offer WooCommerce features where the main settings are removed and push you to upgrade just to make a sale… WooCustomizer Pro adds on extra (optional or useful) functionality that not all users will need, to enhance a WooCommerce store, that is why Catalogue Mode and other features like that are in Pro… and I’m adding more features here as we go.

    But please contact me here:

    And I will gladly try to help you change the shop layout as you need it, and/or explain how to add a background image to your store.


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    Thank you for the assistance Zack. I have no problem with Pro/Free features, as they are well advertised. I just discovered that I cannot use your plugin because it would be an extra for things that I can already manage in the theme, while I thought I could get extra features.. (I don’t have anything particular in mind yet, so nothing to blame on WCzer). I guess you could help me but I also have VisualComposer in my theme so I need to follow a different path in order to customize my shop (talking about backgrounds, columns, etc.). Meanwhile I will keep an eye on the Pro as it improves.

    Plugin Author Kaira



    Thank you for giving it the extra star 🙂 I’m really trying to keep the reviews up and support everyone who needs help and more features to try to only get good ratings for WooCustomizer.

    So yes, if the theme offers the settings to customize WooCommerce elements, then you shouldn’t need WooCustomizer free version.

    And if you’re building your pages with Visual Composer (great product), then either VC or your theme should offer the background images or shop page layout as you want.

    Thank you 🙂

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