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    I have a problem.

    I’ve already decided on the URL structure of my site, and now I have to shoe-horn my structure into WP in the hope that it’ll all fit together nicely. My question is: can I do it? And if so, how?

    This is the structure:

    * “/” – Homepage – has blog posts ONLY

    * “/journal/” – Blog – has blog posts only (probably almost the same as the homepage, but maybe with more posts (5 instead of 3, or something)
    Permalink structure:

    * “/journal/categories” – Categories homepage – list of categories INSIDE Journal and a count of the posts, e.g
    — Web Design (3 posts)
    — Music (5 posts)
    (note that these are probably “sub-categories” of the main “Journal” category

    * “/articles/” – Random articles about stuff (programming, design etc..). No sub-categories.
    Use a different template.
    Permalink structure: “/articles/name-of-entry”

    * “/portfolio/” – Portfolio entries.
    No sub-categories. (well… maybe eventually there will be)
    Use a different template.
    Permalink structure: “/portfolio/name-of-entry”

    * “/about/” – About – static page (easily done)

    * “/contact/” – Contact – static page (easily done)

    Does that all make sense? I can see how I need to enter 3 main “blog” categories:
    * Journal
    * Portfolio
    * Articles

    And only “Journal” has sub-categories. (Web Design, Music, Life etc..). That’s all straight-forward enough to do.

    But how to setup WordPress to achieve this? I realize that I may need to make concessions about the permalink structure.

    I’m quite confident with PHP, so if I need to rip WordPress apart to achieve this, I’ll do it. That said, I’d rather achieve this WITHIN the WordPress system if possible.

    Also the “Categories” node is a tricky one, because usually you get a 404 when you visit the categories root…

    Thanks in advance.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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