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  • The New York Times has a really nice tag cloud implementation, which features several lines of text sliding across the page. I wondered if anyone had seen a plugin similar to this or (hint, hint) was interested in devising one.

    Here’s the link to the Times tag cloud.

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  • It’s flash.

    Looks like some kind of flash actionscripting that uses XML to pull in the words submitted by the end user. It’s call “Mood Train” or “Word train” (they used it during the US election too) but I can’t find any sources on the actionscripting. If you could find it, you’d probably just need to parse the tags put on posts, and that would be about all she wrote. But it might be custom actionscripting.

    Thanks for telling me what it’s called. It’s a very cool feature.

    I use the Wp-Cumulus plugin, which is also Flash, on my homepage. Any kind of scripting is beyond me, so maybe I should see if I could get the author of that plugin to create a Word Train plugin.

    I did write to the Cumulus plugin author. It would be very cool if he decided to emulate the NYT word train.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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