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  • Hi! I just transitioned from to, setting up a new theme.
    my blog is

    While still on I loaded slideshows into nearly all posts using vodpod – now they don’t appear. Sad. Instead you see the code. Take a look:

    I installed a vodpod plugin thinking it would magically make everything better and it didn’t.

    I suppose the reason they don’t work is bc they were originally routed to the url.

    I’d like to resurrect the slideshows bc I want to put photos with links to the posts on Pinterest to drive traffic. Do you have thoughts on the fastest, easiest way to do this?

    They already exist in Picassa – is that an option? Will that work with Pinterest? What do I need to do? Are there any bulk operations? I have nearly 150 posts.


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  • I have the same problem. Since, I uploaded slideshows into almost every post now I cannot pin…
    I tried to drag an image and pin it but it is not nice to link people an image and nothing else. Can please someone help us and write a smart code. At least it could be nice an image and a link to post itself.
    Thank you:)

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