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[Resolved] Slideshow won't display

  • have followed all of the setup instructions, the slides are in place in each slideshow. however when i use the shortcode copy pasted as indicated and I change the slideshow name to the one i wish to display, nothing shows up at all. I’m not really a programmer so Im sure I’m just missing a simple fix somewhere.


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  • and actually now it just shows up with all the images one right after the other, not as a slideshow.


    Plugin Author Rija Rajaonah


    It seems that you’re not using the plugin anymore on the site indicated by the link. It’s an interaction of one of the front.js (it’s in the /scripts folder) file with other plugin or theme script.

    Try to place a semi-colon at the start of this file.

    I’m also not getting my slider to shop up on my intro page.
    My shortcode is [cnhk_slideshow name=”Opening”] which I have placed in my intro page, but nothing shows up on this page:-


    Plugin Author Rija Rajaonah


    The short code is correct, but you forgot to drop the slides from the left column to the right. It’s on the slideshow page (below the Cnhk Slideshow menu in the admin panel). On this slideshow page, go to the Slides tab. Ensure that you are editing the “Opening” Slideshow (there is a select input with the list of all slideshows above slides thumbnails, and you have another slideshow named “Intro” in your installation).

    Sorry you’ve lost me about the bit to go into the Slides tab in the Slideshow. I go to the slide tab and I can see it’s in “Opening” as is the Slideshow selection. What do you want me to do once in the Slides tab? I don’t see any “input” selection there as far as I can see.

    Are you saying that I have not put the pictures into the Opening Slideshow, even though it says “available slides . . . in “opening” ”

    ??? Sorry I’m a bit thick but I don’t understand what I have failed to do. Bot the slideshow selection and slides are in “Opening” and there is still nothing coming up

    I GOT IT!!!! I UNDERSTAND 🙂 🙂 🙂

    are there any settings to stretch the pictures? so that they are all the same size, if possible? thank you. what a relief!

    Plugin Author Rija Rajaonah


    No, there is no settings to fit all images to the same size/ratio. May be an additional option for a future version.

    Sorry one more question if i may. Is there a way of adding a description to the images so the description appears on the slideshow?

    Plugin Author Rija Rajaonah


    No. Sorry. But I plan to add this feature for the next version. For now you need to include your text directly on to the image file.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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