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    I have a slideshow on a site that is in development. It was working perfectly. I changed the settings and uploaded new images for it because the images needed to be bigger. New slideshow is running just fine except for one problem.

    The problem manifests in these ways:
    1) If I only have a Title on the slide, the overlay only slides up enough to just barely show the top of the title text.
    2) If I have a Title and a Description on a slide, one line of the description is cut off on the bottom. Again, the overlay isn’t going far enough and only the very top of the letters on the last line are showing.

    It seems as though whatever math is determining how far to slide the Title/Description overlay up has an issue. The behavior exists in both I.E. 9 and Firefox 28.0. Does anyone have any idea on how I might work around this or fix it? Also, the Title and Description containers are set to DIV in the slideshow settings.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    The slideshow’s HTML and CSS recently had a couple of changes, this may be causing your problems. Could I please have a look at the page your slideshow is on?

    I’m afraid not. The site is on a development server inside our network and I don’t have the ability to grant access.

    I can provide screen shots. I should be able to provide the page’s markup. Would either of those be at all helpful to you?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    It would indeed be helpful if you could provide the markup of the page. You can easily do so by saving the page and sending the downloaded HTML file plus the additionally saved files folder to me by mail.

    My email address is

    Thanks, again, Stefan, for your help.

    For anyone else reading this, it turned out to be a padding issue in the container for the description. I just put some bottom padding in the custom CSS for the slideshow and all was well.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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