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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    The problem is that your website unregisters the jQuery script that WordPress provided in the <head> area of the website. The slideshow uses a piece of in-page jQuery to start running, but because jQuery is not yet present (altough it will be in the footer) it throws an error.

    Rather than you having to adjust your website because of my plugin, I have updated the plugin to version 2.1.12 so it supports the jQuery script being placed in the footer. I think it’s great practice to load javascript in the footer of the page.

    Your website looks great!

    Best regards,

    Works perfectly Stefan, thanks a million.

    Thanks for the compliment on the site too.


    Hi Stefan,

    I am having the same problem as Graham, slideshow gets ‘stuck’ on one image only. I have it set to random and this does work but only ever displays the initial image.

    I am on the latest plugin version (2.1.12)

    plugin is running here:

    Any ideas?


    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Elphie,

    To form a list of ‘div’ elements the slideshow uses a float: left; CSS value. Your theme’s stylesheet however, turns this off by setting the CSS value to clear: left;.

    I’ve checked how your website looks when the line is deleted and found no changes in its appearance, except that Slideshow works properly.

    The line you could delete or comment out /* like this */, is line 1104 (although it might be on a different line since it’s a PHP file) in ‘’. It looks like this:

    .content div {
    display: block;
    clear: left; /* Your problem should be solved after deleting this line. */

    Best regards,

    Stefan PLEASE HELP ME… i know this is something simple that im missing… but my slideshow is STILL stuck on the first image: its the image up top…

    i cant figure it out because i did the same thing here:
    and it works like a charm…. but it seems the shortcode works fine and the template code does not work at all… ?

    sorry that got all screwed up… HERE is where is does not work

    here is where it does

    or anyone else? please?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Before I help you, I’d like to say that you should not spam the Slideshow forum as much. You’re not helping your cause, since I have to spend an entire paragraph on telling you about keeping the forum clean.

    The first thing I notice when visiting your website, is that literally every script on your server is printed out to the page. This does not just cost twice the loading time, it’s also bound to throw errors.

    Most javascript functions will be looking for an element to hook onto. When the element isn’t found the script will stop dead and throw an error which will hault all javascript execution, causing the slideshow to fail as well.

    Do you have a plugin that outputs all scripts to the page?

    spamming? dont know about that. i was just trying to fix how i initially placed those links cause they were wrong and im in a rush cause needless to say its for a client. so ok… the wordpress social wall is the script included in the file… only did that cause it wouldnt work otherwise.. so i guess ill try yo find that plugin your speaking of unless you can shoot me a link for it?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    I’m sorry, I meant to ask how all those scripts were output to the page in the first place? Have you placed all javascript in your theme? Having all these scripts on your page breaks the slideshow.

    Usually the WordPress function <?php wp_footer(); ?> is called right before the </body> tag. WordPress then lets the plugins decide what scripts need to be placed there, Slideshow also depends on this function (as do many more plugins).

    So instead of all those scripts just printed to the page, you should call the aforementioned function <?php wp_footer(); ?>. You can find a description of its use here.

    i actually got it from reading your first post 😀 YOUR THE MAN!!!!! AWESOME PLUGIN THANK YOU SO MUCH!…. i guess what was happening WAS simple. originally i was calling EVERY js file…. the one called feedback somehow conflicted with the social stream… lol so before it was like ONE plugin would show and the other wouldnt. but i couldnt get em both to show at the same time. if you wanna take a look and let me know if this will work better id be GREATLY appreciative 🙂

    here it is

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    That looks great, I’m glad to see you were able to get it working!

    thanks man. again i cant thank you enough. you saved me. great plugin. cant wait to see what else you’ve got for us in the future. farewell

    Hi Stefan,

    Thank you so much for helping me. Your solution worked perfectly and has not caused any issues on my site.

    Love your plugin.

    Elise (elphiep) x

    Hi Stefan

    I’m having a similar issue here, slideshow is stuck on 1st slide on An earlier version is working on one of our other websites: so not sure why we’re having a problem here (using same theme etc).

    Any assistance would be much appreciated in layman terms please (I’m not a developer!). It’s a great plug-in and really simple to use and we really don’t want to chop and change between different plug-ins on different sites if possible.

    Kind regards


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