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    I noticed that the Slideshow function seems to convert the images to a standard ratio and cut off some borders if the picture has a different ratio. Happens for example when they are a square like 800×800. A picture taken with 1024×800 seems to loose much less borders, if at all.

    Since I use the gallery for a professional photographer, we would like to keep the image ratio also during slideshows, even if this means that it might get a bit wild when displaying different picture ratios after each other (which we will avoid by having different folders for different pictures ratios).

    How can I change that?


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  • Ok, I figured it out myself.
    Not difficult but was looking at the wrong place – just adapt the WordPress Media Settings to keep ratio for thumbnails

    This works at least for thumbnails, now I just need to know how to make the same edit for slideshows..

    Were you able to figure this out for the slideshow, tate83? I have the same issue. For some reason, the slideshow is based on the height, not the width… which doesn’t make sense to me for a responsive design, all media queries I’ve ever seen use always are based on the width of the viewport, and the height should scale accordingly…

    No, I coulnd’t find the solution for slideshows yet. I deactivated slideshows on my page for now. Still need a solution.. did u find something?

    Yes, sort of. I was able to get it to stop cropping my slideshows and to keep their proper dimensions. I used this in my functions.php:

    // Change Homepage Slideshow config
    function my_slideshow_options( $options ) {
      $options['time']        = 3000;
      $options['fx']          = 'simpleFade';
      $options['loader']      = 'pie';
      $options['loaderColor'] = '#417CAB';
      $options['height'] = '28.5%';
      $options['minHeight'] = 'auto';
      /* $options['portrait'] = 'true'; */
      // never forget to include this line:
      return $options;
    // hook your function to the filter
    add_filter( 'eazyest_gallery_camera_slideshow_options', 'my_slideshow_options' );

    More info here: He uses the Camera slideshow, which config can be found here:

    Thanks for the information, that looks like the stuff I need and it seems to work 🙂 However, I have one last problem:
    The automatically generated link to the slideshow on each page leads to /large like here:

    but the slideshow only works when I manually open

    Do you know where I need to edit the link generating stuff?

    Best regards,

    Update: I edited the hardcoding in the plugin frontend folder. but is there a more upgrade-secure way?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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