• Hello again,

    I had two issues, but posted them in different posts so there wouldnt be an issue.

    Now my problem is with the pictures of the property, i’m not sure what to do to have that lovely looking slider with the pictures on the side and when you click it, the picture opens larger. I believe there is some sort of plugin to buy to create a slideshow type process, but is there a built in / free thing for me to use for now?


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  • There is no built-in free slideshow that comes with this plugin. On another site utilizing this wp-property I saw that the person used soliloquy which I think is alot better than the “premium” slideshow. The lite version is free and actually serves its purpose for a simple slideshow. After creating the slideshow, when you go to add a new property, you will see an “add slideshow” button at the top next to “add media” which makes it really convenient to add your slideshow shortcode.

    Wow that is exactly what I’m looking for, you gave me a ton of help tonight, I really appreciate it!

    Sure, no prob!

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