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  • Months ago, I started a thread “Slideshow cut off in certain browsers” after upgrading to 2.x. My temporary solution was to roll back to 1,9. This thread became active again recently when a few new similar complaints were posted. It was suggested that this was an old thread, and we should start a new one if this issue wasn’t resolved. Additional it was suggested that we use the below CSS code in the HTML of the theme to solve this.

    I wanted to give this a shot, so I updated to the latest version of Nextgen Photo Gallery. Sure enough, it is still broken in browsers other than IE. The slideshow is only 100 pixels or so high. I’d like to try to use the CSS code you provided, but I really don’t know how to incorporate that into the theme HTML. Could you provide a little more detail?

    CSS Name: Default Styles
    Description: NextGEN Default Gallery Stylesheet
    Author: Photocrati Media
    Version: 2.0.61

    This stylesheet is provided o allow users the ability of overriding the default styles for all display types

    .ngg-galleryoverview ngg-slideshow {
    width: 829px;

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  • Seems okay in IE and Firefox, but bad in Chrome.


    I too have the same problem as per my post here

    I have tried the above css info (I believe this goes into the following:

    gallery/other options/styles – show optimization options)

    However I cannot get this or any another code to overwrite the css to rectify the issue. I have a fix that involves changing the css directly the issue is every update overwrites it. See other post :)This may help you for the short term other than using an older plugin version 🙂

    I am now in the process of changing to another slideshow as I cannot keep manually placing a fix into a css code each update… and I can’t seem to find an answer to this issue that obviously others are experiencing as well. Shame as this was such a great plugin.

    Hope this helps you


    The code from your post actually worked for me too. Thank-you!! Initially, I rem’d out the lines in the nextgen_basic_slideshow.css file as per your post. Then I tried copying that whole rem’d out section into Gallery > Other Options > Styles > Show Customization Options

    I added the following and saved it:

    .ngg-slideshow img {
    /* max-width: 100% !important;
    max-height: 100%;
    width: auto;
    height: auto;

    border: none;

    I then restored nextgen_basic_slideshow.css to its original form.

    It seems like all browsers I’ve tried are now working well. This includes webkit engines like Safari on an iPad and Chrome.

    One thing I did notice is that my slideshow is now left justified instead of centered. Any idea how to tweak that? While I can live with left justification, would love the option to do centered.

    Changing the subject a bit, what I would really like to see is the option to play the sides in random order. To my knowledge, this only existed with the flash version of the slideshow. The flash version is no longer the preference. If we can’t randomize the slide order, I would at least love to randomize the first slide and then loop sequentially from that point. I have a home page on a site that has a slidehshow with lots of pictures in the gallery. People only see the same few pictures all the time because the show always starts with the same slide.

    Oops. I was wrong. The code change must be in the original nextgen_basic_slideshow.css file as per your post. I don’t think the file saved back properly when I unrem’d itslide, and i got fooled thinking I could put the CSS changes elsewhere.

    I still would love to know what is going on, and why I need to do this.

    I still would like to know how to center justify the slideshow. It is left justified when I make the CSS edit.

    And I still would like to know how to randomize the slideshow.


    Glad it worked for you…but from what I can gather once you updated next gen it reverted back to the original code even with the code in the css other options section?

    As for centering the slideshow…I have the slideshow the full 100% of content so I can assist you there I’m sorry 🙂

    And yes I too would like to know why as well ?


    No I was mistaken. When the codes was only in the css other options section, it didn’t even work. I might have been fooled by browser cache. The tweaks seem to need to be in the nextgen_basic_slideshow.css file as per your other post.

    @jshapiro Usually CSS code in other options area works, but you may need to add the “! important” propriety to height or to all other properties.
    Also, check if the file is writable and that the code has been saved.

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