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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra



    This is an infinite scroll issue indeed, but not because of loading too much data.

    Each slideshow identifies itself by having an incrementing ID. This ID is reset on each page load, so it starts to duplicate IDs when new posts with slideshows are loaded in an infinite scroll.

    Not only the ID is the problem, though. The slideshow’s indivual settings are loaded at the bottom of the page, right above its script. This isn’t done on infinite scroll either.

    Finally, the script detects slideshows on jQuery page ready. After that, when more slideshows are loaded with infinite scrolling, slideshows aren’t being detected anymore.

    Adapting the slideshow to be compatible with infinite scrolling is a pretty big change. I’ll place it on the project board, but I won’t be able to take this on any time soon.

    Best regards,

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. With a very limited knowledge of coding I can follow what you are saying and can understand it.

    I have turned off the infinite scrolling but when you get to the bottom of the first frontpage and click ‘load more posts’ it looks like it’s just extending the page rather than loading up a whole new page of the next X amount of posts thereby recreating the infinite scroll problem and the duplication of IDs.

    The only other solution i can think of is to have a static image on the frontpage and then insert a more tag to the individual posts where I could embed the slideshow again. It was really nice to have them all autoplaying and scrolling on the frontpage though.

    We really like the look and style of your plugin but do you perhaps have a recommendation of a plugin that doesn’t struggle with this issue (until you’ve had a chance to update yours)?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    That’s correct.

    Having static images on the fornt page is probably the best solution to go with. You could also try to have the first few posts display with slideshows, and the posts that are loaded in at a later time display with static images.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know any plugins that will support infinite scrolling. There are a lot of plugins out there, you may just find one that will comply with your needs.

    Thanks Stefan,

    We will go with the static images and more tags with slideshows on the individual pages.

    Will keep an eye out for when you’ve had a chance to address the compatibility with your plugin, it’s our favourite.

    Any update on when there may be a resolution to this problem. Notice no updates for 4months and I have just completed migration from to wordpress,org. Biggest issue was trying to get a slideshow plugin that worked half as well as the one in Your is the best so far.

    All the posts when selected through categories or archive display the slideshow images and its only if you scroll the front page. Many readers prefer to scroll rather than select from either categories or archives BUT they dont get to see the slideshow images. Getting a few calls. Like your plugin for slideshow but this is becoming a major irritant.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    I’m sorry, I haven’t had much time to spend on the slideshow plugin lately. There are still a lot of features I have to address before getting to introduce infinite scrolling, so I’m unable to say when it will be avaible.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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