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  • I would like to use WP Supersized to display a single different random image on each page of the my site and a slideshow of all of those images on the homepage. I’ve tried creating a unique “home” page and using a custom .xml just for that page but i can’t get it to play as a slideshow when i have the default for the site set to display a single image. i could get other settings to be unique for that page, such as transition speed and using a Flickr gallery, but i just can’t get it to play as a slideshow. I’ll include the relevant xml code below. Is there another way i could achieve my goal? thank you.

    <slideshow>1</slideshow> <!-- type of background (1 is slideshow, 2 is single image background, 3 is Flickr slideshow) -->
    	<autoplay>1</autoplay> <!-- 1 for on, 0 for off -->
    	<start_slide>1</start_slide> <!-- start on slide #; in single image background, 0 will show a random image from the list of slides -->
    	<random>0</random> <!-- Randomizes slide order (Ignores start slide); 1 for on, 0 for off -->

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