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    I have about 35 slides to go between about 10 slideshows. The first slideshow I made works great. The rest, it’s putting in random slides that are not assigned to that slideshow and when I remove them and replace them with the correct ones and order them – the moment I hit save it puts the random image back in.

    So for example:

    Slide #9 shows up in several slideshows it it not assigned to.

    In Slideshow #5 Slides #9, #14, & #15 appear in the slideshow and when I remove them, as soon as I hit save they are back.

    How can this be resolved?


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    I noticed such kind of problems on the reordering and the slides properties screens when the plugin deals with a huge amount of data. I’m already working on a new version of this plugin which will have approximatelly the same features as the curent 1.1.1 version. But the major changes will be the code architechture and especially a better and more reliable (far more reliable) data structure, which I hope will solve your problem.
    Another big problem with this plugin is that each time the plugin is upgraded, the all existing slides are erased and this leads to a bug with all existing slideshow. This problem will be resolved too, but upgrading to the new version (2.0) from a 1.x version will erase all existing slides. So, please be sure to have a copy of all images before upgrading to 2.0 because you will need to re-upload them.I will probably finish the new version by the end of next week.

    Hope I helped you.

    Have same issues with slides in WP 3.6.1
    How to replicate:
    * upload image1 it will be named slide1
    * upload image2 it will be named slide2
    * rename slide1 and slide2 to something another
    * upload image3 it will be named slide1
    * upload image4 it will be named slide2
    * rename slide1(img3) and slide2(img4)
    everything Ok but
    * upload image5 it will be named slide1 AND here BUG !!! will be shown OLD slide1(image3)

    Also have few CSS issues in Chrome after go and back to another browser TABs the slideshow appear as very small images about 100px*150px if click another tab again and back slideshow back to normal size (I have responsive template so maybe some CSS conflict)

    Few suggestions:
    1. please add shortcode’s manual to plugin pages
    2. please add few effects more

    Anyway — good job – – Thanks for good and simple plugin

    I have the same problem. One slideshow working fine, the second one does not. With 5 pics its ok, when adding more it puts random pics in, somethimes twice or more. Even from other slideshows.

    What can I do? I’d really like to use this slideshow! Any work around? Or when do you have the new version?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Can you please give me an url of a page where the two slideshows are running?


    Here is the one that’s working:

    And here the one that’s making problems:


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    On those pages, the plugin’s version you used is the 1.1. It is a really old version and has some known bugs (and maybe some others unknown). The version right after it (1.1.1), fixes those known bugs, and especially the one that sometimes creates problems when re-arranging your slides.

    The best option is to install the latest version. But, any upgrade from a 1.x version will erase all the slides and settings already present. So, please back-up your current images before performing the upgrade. I wrote that the latest 2.1.1 version requires at least WordPress 3.6.1 but it should work fine with a 3.6 too (the WordPress version you are using on the site you mentioned).

    Thank you! I did the update. IT’s working now. In the old WP version it did not show that there was a new version of the slide show. Now I have WP 3.8. 🙂

    Two more questions: In the new version I could only upload one slide at a time. In the old one I could do multiple together. Any way to make that in the new version happen, too?

    Also is there any chance to have the option for showing the slides randomly?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    The answers to the two questions are no and no. Sorry.
    The multiple-file upload is hard to handle with the code structure of the latest version (2.0+), and unfortunately I do not have enough time now to do this.
    The second option you asked is more easy to implement, and there is actually a solution for this, but it’s very tricky for someone who is not familiar with programming a WordPress plugin.
    But as you’re not the first user who asked for this I will include this option in the next version. But I will not be able to work on it for at least one month or maybe more.


    That would be great. In one or two months it would still helps us a lot if the slideshow can also do random order. Thanks a lot and looking forward to the next version!

    Hi! Just wanted to get in touch with you again! We are still using your slideshow and it’s working well. Just wondering if you already know when the next version will be coming out? We are really looking forward to the option random order.
    Thank you so much!

    Plugin Author CNHK SYSTEMS


    I’m still busy now. To be sure, let’s say before end of may.

    Thanks for getting back to me!
    End of May would be great! 🙂
    Thank you!

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