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  • During some site maintenance today I updated Slideshow to 4.1 (from 3.1.9) somewhat by accident. And now the slideshow has disappeared.

    I’ve attempted to reinstall, including re-uploading the images, but it isn’t there.

    I need to revert to 3.1.9 ASAP – is there somewhere I can install this from? Alternatively, is there any documentation I can read that might explain why it has failed.

    PS don’t ask me to upgrade to WP 3.5.2 as several plugins have no verified 3.5.2 compatibility.

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    Managed eventually to solve this myself. The PHP code has changed so that the slideshow ID has to be included.

    So, if the previous version had:

    <?php shslideshow(); ?>

    This needs to be updated to

    <?php shslideshow(1); ?>

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    But now I find that the slide show glitches badly at the start of each slide … But only on some browsers (worst on Safari on iPad)

    Hi Sam Hoe,

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your excellent support with the upgrade to version 4.01. As with ahcfchurch I also upgraded to V4.1 by accident. Facing the same problem he runs into. If in any case you need to see what I mean you may have a look at the issue located at The plugin is located in the sidebar.
    Any idea why V4.1 does not function? Not even after a full install?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Plugin Author Sam Hoe


    Your case is because of you add the slideshow into the widget. Normally text widget is supported shortcode. Please read this

    My slideshow has also disappeared after upgrading from 3.1.9 to 4.3 and in addition to disappearing it throws the error “Error appear in adding new slideshow.” when trying to add a new one. I’ve checked permissions, made sure everything is properly updated etc. Any help?

    WP Version: 3.9.1
    Old sh-slideshow Version: 3.1.9
    New Version: 4.3

    For now I’ve reverted back to the older version and everything is there as normal. Should I troubleshoot and try using a version above 3.1.9 to see which version stops working?

    Is it this step in the readme.txt that may be doing it?

    == Upgrade Notice ==
    = 4.0.1 =
    Fix bugs
    = 4.0 =
    **Caution** – Please choose ‘Yes’ for ‘Delete database when deactivated under Settings menu (Version 4.0 and above) before update.

    The site is on my staging server and isn’t accessible over www so that’s why I haven’t provided a link 🙂


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