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  • One of my clients has requested that I make a “page” on his site that looks like the books section here:

    The problem is that the site he is looking at uses frames and I don’t want to. I suppose I could use a photo slideshow plugin and just make each book a pic, but that wouldn’t allow him to edit it very well.

    Has anyone ever set something like this up before? I considered making the bottom frame a php include of a category, displaying only the excerpts of the books (which would be the thumbnail). I can’t figure out how I would create the top frame though because clicking the excerpt would send it to a single.php.

    Do I make sense?

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  • Just brainstorming…

    First, nothing about the page you point out requires frames. It’s merely a bit of javascript (and fairly common javascript at that) providing the “paging” element, and it would not require a separate document (or whatever) to be pulled in for each item’s image, title and description.

    Looking at it from the perspective of using WordPress, a dynamic tool for managing this might be tied in with file attachments — that is, images or other types of files uploaded through the upload utility when editing a post or Page. Each upload can have a title and description, and with images you have the original uploaded graphic with its thumbnail. So I can imagine a custom Page template designed to:

    [A] Query the (image) attachments for the Page.

    [B] Define the separate items for the javascript code based on the queried attachment data.

    [C] Build up the link menu with the attachment thumbnails.

    Each step naturally requires some coding grunt work (which I won’t go into on a brainstorming post!), but I don’t see why something like this couldn’t be done.

    That’s a good idea. I’ve been looking for a reason to learn javascript a little bit better. Currently I just copy code and adjust where needed.

    I wonder if I could do something with mootool’s accordion effect…

    Ever find a solution for this?

    No, not yet… it’s kind of on hold.
    I’ll let you know if I do though.

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