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  1. ryanjonesrr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    My website is: http://www.ryanjonesphotos.com/

    I am using Lensa and when I click on the album title of the image that is playing in the slideshow it directs me to ryanjonesphotos.com/photograph/album-title

    This /photograph/ page is in a blog style and it really detracts from my portfolio. I was hoping that I could redirect it to the page that I have my gallery http://www.ryanjonesphotos.com/top/ for example, but I am having trouble determining how to do so.

  2. saminahisham
    Posted 3 years ago #

    oh i faced the same problem also for my site http://www.jobz.pk but its automatically restore, how? i dont know.

  3. zvitez
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey there, is the page you want to redirect to static? Meaning it won't depend on the photograph?
    If so, after looking into the theme maybe this could work
    1. Go to the \includes\js\plugins.js file
    2. Search for "$slideTitle.text( title ).prop('href', url);"
    3. Replace url with your static url, so for example
    $slideTitle.text( title ).prop('href', 'http://www.ryanjonesphotos.com/top/');
    4. Search for "imageLink = (api.getField('url')) ? "href='" + api.getField('url') + "'" : "";" (line 318 I believe) and replace api.getField('url') with your url.

    Hope this helps.

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