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  • I am experiencing this issue as well, and am using v2.0.7 of NextGEN Gallery. The slideshow on the homepage of my site ( doesn’t work at all in Safari, and works as described above in Chrome.

    This slideshow is a “NextGEN Basic Slideshow” with Flash NOT enabled (so that in theory it should work on Apple mobile devices, except it doesn’t – it’s stuck on a single image from the linked gallery).

    Having the same problem, I can only see the top 100px of a 490 high slideshow in Safari and Chrome. Works fine in FF and IE. Website is

    I’ve made the image, settings on the page and settings in the gallery slideshow all the correct width and height. Also tried putting slideshow into a table with the correct width and height. Nothing makes any difference. Also tried a new gallery with new images, no difference.

    I’ve temporarily changed the slideshow to a single picture so it doesn’t look so bad, but I’d like a solution.

    I’ve temporarily worked around the problem by rolling back to Nextgen 1.9.13.

    Here’s how I did that. I disabled the Nextgen plugin in WordPress. Then I Ftp’d in to my site folders, and drilled into /wp-content/plugins, and I renamed the Nextgen-gallery folder to Nextgen-gallery-2-0-11. I then downloaded the older build of Nextgen from the developer’s web site. I unzipped it, and then I used FTP to upload the unzipped nextgen-gallery folder it into my /wp-content/plugins folder. Then I went back into my WordPress backend and two different versions of Nextgen were available to activate. I activated the older one. When a new edition comes along, I can deactivate the older one, activate the newer one and then try to upgrade that. If it works, great. If not, I can deactivate that build and quickly move back to the known good build. (at least that’s the theory unless database changes in the future prevent going back so easily <g>)

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jshapiro – Thanks for that long description on how you rolled back the NextGEN plugin. We also offer instruction here:

    As to the issue of only seeing the top 100px of a slideshow, a possible work-around may be to review the theme’s CSS for the container the slide show is in and specifying the exact height of the slide show images you are using.

    I’ve now realised that I have exactly the same problem on another site using the same theme Atahualpa (also using the latest version 3.7.12). This was with the very latest nextgen version 2.0.17. I’m simply putting the slideshow into a page. I’ve now modified the code on the page to put the slideshow into a separator div container and this appears to be a temporary solution.

    <div style=”width:800px; height:300px; margin:0 auto;”>
    [ngg_images gallery_ids=”18″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” gallery_width=”800″ gallery_height=”300″]

    On an another site ( I have using Atahualpa Nextgen is working correctly because I haven’t updated to WP3.6 yet and so I left NextGen at version 2.0.0. However reading more about the issues NextGen has been having recently, this implies that the first version of the big update didn’t have this problem. is very similar in build to mentioned in my original post in particular both use WPML.

    Finally I have a similar problem with another site using another theme, Chameleon by Elegant Themes.

    I have a similar problem with the plugin, if I use Java instead of Flash. I notice it only in Google Chrome, where the photo is cut each time with a different size with changing the frame. At the same time mobile devices and the Internet Explorer display it normal. But, I have to use flash, because there are a lot of Google Chrome users.

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    @yours2share and @andreys – Have you tried setting the height of the CSS container to the height of the Slideshow images you are using?

    This appears to correct the issue with the changing / different sizes appearing in Chrome while not having any detrimental affects reported when viewing the site with other browsers.

    – Cais.

    I do not use my special CSS containers for slideshow. But I tried to change the size in different ways in the slideshow settings and Shortcodes. It does not matter. In Google Chrome slideshow with java is not working as it is necessary.

    I have now put CSS containers into each page to set the height and width as a work around.

    Maybe I didn’t understand you correctly. Please tell me more precisely, availability CSS container it is a mandatory requirement for normal operation of slideshow with java?

    @photocrati – setting the height of the container works in Chrome on the desktop…but on an Android (and I imagine an iPhone too), the slideshow’s width is automatically reduced to fit the width of the screen and the height is reduced proportionally…this leaves a gap between the bottom of the slideshow and the content that follows.

    Will this be fixed in the next version?

    @johnzeiger Try to exclude the size settings with media queries for mobile.

    @tizz Thanks for the advice but I’m not exactly sure how to do that…I’m not a hardcore developer…I use Artisteer to generate my CSS…is there code I can add directly into my page or would I have to tweak my theme?

    Artisteer has his own support, so for any question about his code you have to write here.
    CSS modification goes in a child theme stylesheet, or theme custom CSS, not into page (@yours2share too).

    P.S.: Honestly, it’s a bad idea to choose Artisteer.

    I’ve just created a new website using WordPress Version 3.8.2 and NextGEN Gallery Version 2.0.61 and I am having exactly the same problem with the slideshow cutting off at approximately 100 pixels when using Safari and Chrome but working perfectly in Explorer and Firefox. I have followed your recommended instructions and entered the code below into the section under Gallery/Other Options/Styles which has updated the file /home/fulhamgp/public_html/wp-content/ngg_styles/nggallery.css but this has had absolutely no effect.

    CSS Name: Default Styles
    Description: NextGEN Default Gallery Stylesheet
    Author: Photocrati Media
    Version: 2.0.61

    This stylesheet is provided o allow users the ability of overriding the default styles for all display types

    .ngg-galleryoverview ngg-slideshow {
    width: 829px;

    What CSS code do you recommend I put in here to resize the slideshow to the correct size?

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