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  • Just a minor CSS issue. Review use of z-index

    That said, not seeing this issue. What browser and version are you viewing/testing site with?

    I am using IE 9

    I can emulate IE9 mutliple ways and am not seeing the issue – do this:

    My guess is your site is being displayed in compatibility mode. Check that. Use IE9 F12 Dev Tools:

    I found it, add this to the bottom of your stylesheet

    #mainnav-menu ul.sub-menu {
    z-index: 5 !important;

    And it was not the slider, per say, it was the default #mainnav-menu ul with a z-index of -1. Was hard to catch with the transition set to 0.1s…changed that to 2 seconds which was long enough to hover and right click inspect element…

    Ok, I will try that. Thanks for your help.

    You wouldn’t by chance know how to add content to the footer in this theme would you? I don’t show anything in the widgets or the rest of the elements under appearance.

    I likely do but we have forum rules, so post a new one for a different issue. It helps to keep issues clear. BTW, is this post resolved?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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