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  • Hello,

    i have a question for the “Mountain Creek” Theme. I wanted to write it in the forum, but there is no category for this theme. I hope you can nevertheless help me.
    The theme looks great and we want to use ist for our association. Unfortunately I can’t insert the Slideshow and the “Social Menu”. Do I need special plugins for this.
    In the screenshot on your site, i can see the backend menĂ¼ with a item “slideshow”. In the widget menu there’s a special place for “slideshow”. All those things doesn’t appear on my backend.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Greetings from Germany

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  • What “Slide Show” plugin is this on the backend? Provide reference or link. Very vague in your description.


    i have the same problem

    the icons of facebook and twitter doesnt show as your demo

    and the slide show of photos doesnt show as your demo

    I’m having the same problem. The images here: show that there is a slideshow plugin and a front page slider widget. Neither came with my theme.

    As for the social media images, I think it’s a css issue based around how the names of the classes are called in the div and not the link, but I’m not sure what to do to fix it.

    The Social Media images is a super easy fix. Go to Menus. At the top of the page on the right, click Screen Options. Click the CSS classes button. Add the links to your social media items and put in the name of it in lowercase in the class box that appears after you add the link to the menu.

    Default support by the css file:

    But it’s easy to add others.

    I’m having the same trouble as every one else on here, side show not showing i’ve gone all over it and tried different things with no luck, any got a how too out there ?

    I gave up and installed Meta Slider.

    guys , you must in your home page article mark the template as home template then the slider will show ,under page attributes

    have fun

    Don’t see anywhere to change the page’s template in this theme.

    go to top click screen options and tick Page Attributes then you should see it


    p.s also the demo will show an image in the description box on the slideshow , there is no need for that just click add image give the page a title then just add a featured image from the bottom right hand side


    also please note the Social Media links/image do work but for some reason which i’ve not worked out yet sit to low and overlay the slideshow


    ok if you having problems with the top menu socail media icons being to low , in style.css line 241 change top:103px to top:15px that will move them up


    if any one is having problems doing it email me an account for there backend to [email address moderated – these forums do not provide support via email] and i will be glad to do it




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    ok noted , please put some more options on here then , simply trying to convey something with out the ability to upload a screen shot is hard..

    it takes 4 messages to get across something that can take one message..



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    The forums are what they are. Everyone else here manages very well. If you need to ask for screenshots, then people can always use

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