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  • mee too 🙁
    just a blank space

    I used the code as per the Information page
    [slideshow_deploy id=’243′]

    hey,my issue is resolved now.nothing is there,just follow how to install and use ,follow the screenshots and u will be done with the issue.hope the best 🙂

    I also am having the same results of a blank screen with now display. I post the proper code as the slideshow indicates and it shows a blank space on the page. I am currently looking for an optional plugin.

    hello Onyxp, nothing to worry about.just follow the [slideshow_deploy id=’id number’] wherever you want to add the slide gallery.hope best 🙂

    I had the same issues since the 3.6 version of WordPress.
    for me, the problem is due to a deprecated usage of ‘esc_sql’ function in the plugin.
    I search all occurence of ‘$wpdb->esc_sql’ and change it by ‘esc_sql’ in the plugin, make the configuration of the slide and get my images appear !
    Hope it’s help

    Hello dancehallsoldat,
    thanks for you suggestion.Hope it will resolve the issue which others are facing.. 🙂

    I’ve got the same problem. Out of the blue, 2 days ago, all of my slideshows disappeared although the space where they should be is still there with a little black dot in the upper-left corner of the space.

    I also have the problem of white instead of pictures.
    It was working fine and still does on my iphone and ipad but I have tried may PC’s with firefox and IE but the pics are blank.

    They were working but just noticed today that they are blank.
    Here is a page that should have pics.

    You can change pictures but they are all just white

    Any help would be greatly apreceiated.

    All fixed.
    I deleted the plug in and then installed 2.2.11 and this fixed the issue.
    In the mean time you could revert back to version 2.2.11. by going to afyer you deactivate and then delete the plugin you can upload and activate this one and slides show up again.

    Hello, I have the same issues. I have tried to fix this by following some of the suggestions here but it is still not working.

    • I updated to 2.2.15
    • I reverted back to 2.2.11
    • I updated my .htaccess file with the suggested additions
    • I reverted back to the original .htaccess file.

    Another slideshow on the site- the SLIDE DECK slide show – is also not working. . . so, perhaps it is something else??

    The Slideshow IS working when embedded within the BODY CONTENT area and NOT working when in the FEature area. It seems to be reading the slideshow insert code as text.

    What I think is going on is that it is:
    • outputting the text string calling the slideshow instead of treating it as CODE and calling the slideshow.

    the code to just call an image is not SHOWING a static image (though will in a browser window). Instead it is showing the CODE to call the image.
    Any ideas?

    hello dreamholiday4u,
    its glad to hear that your problem is fixed.and you are sharing your experience of solving the issue here.thank you 🙂

    hello susyvt,
    As you said your slideshow works fine in body area but not in featured area.You could have tried like just putting the slideshow deploy short code in body area.You can find the short code in slideshow settings page where you custom your slides.Try this may be you can get up with something.

    I’m having the same problem. I’m on WP 3.6. I installed slideshow 2.2.17. I can use the plugin on to grab images and insert test. It generates the short code which I then insert in one of my pages. I see a blank area where the slideshow should go. Is the best solution to revert to a previous version of slideshow? My only other plugin is WP exec PHP.

    UPDATE: I reverted back to slideshow v2.2.11 and now I see a black dot in the upper left corner of the slideshow. It’s closer than before where the slideshow was completely blank. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know.

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