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  • Let me know which are the posts are you talking about … it should be somewhere in the blog …. it cannot be disappeared unless you delete it 🙂

    If the post your are talking about is just a article, sometimes instead of using sticky posts, use it as post but put different date or recent date so it we be at first. (I use sometimes… it works very well)

    Hope that help

    🙂 sorry,
    What i mean is that I created sticky posts with featured images to come up as sliders between the top menu and the “Wide”. The sliders were there but i guess i did something to make them disappeared. On the option page-General i do have a check by “display a slider of sticky post”. what am i missing?

    Thank you.

    What is the theme are you using and did you check the page that is display the slider (home page)
    – How many posts are there.
    I am not a expert with WordPress and hope someone will give you better answer.

    it’s a pinboard theme. 4 sliders.

    As I was so curious about your situation … and to understand what your are exactly asking I had to look at your website, download the theme and install it and try it.

    Finally, I manage to make it work. I hope this is what you are looking for..

    Two things to remember :
    1. In theme options, Display a slider of sticky posts on the front page must be check
    2. The post which you want to appear as slider must to set as sticky post. To do that, click quick edit on the and check Make this post sticky and of course, those post must have featured image so they can appear on your website.

    Hope that help you.
    Let me know.

    Wow, this is great; I’m 94% of the way there.
    The theme could really do a better job of labeling what does what.

    If there is a way to turn off the post’s title text (which shows up in front of the image) I’m at 100%.

    Any easy way to do this last bit?

    There are many possibilities

    Easy way :If you do not want the post title anywhere, simply, go to post and remove the title and keep it blank.

    Try it !



    Sometimes WP does not like blank titles and will not publish a post without text in the title. If this happens and you truly want to get rid of the post title you can use the following css.

    #slider .entry-title a {
    	display: none;

    Thank you guys,
    The posts do have title, i used the display:none; for this
    As i said the sliders did shows on the homepage for couples of months, they just vanished yesterday.

    Any ideas?

    guys, I fixed the problem. there was problem in the function.php

    Hi saritlotem, my slider had also disappeared suddenly today.
    Please let me know how you fixed it.

    I do not know what went wrong, I just put back the original function.php file and it worked. I know it had to do something to the coding because i did not change anything on the sliders and they did work before.

    What’s the original function.php? Can I have a copy?

    Hello @sirod89 : I was unable to add all the code in this post. So, you can go to my blog where you can download the file

    Do not forget to change to function.php

    hi wpitsecure, there is no file for download. it’s 404 page.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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