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Slider vs. Firefox

  • Hey,

    just realized that the headlines in the latest 3 articles are not shown completely in the header section: the last word is missing.
    Do you know the reason?

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  • Theme Author bradthomas127


    Can you provide a URL?

    Sure 😉

    Compare Firefox and GoogleChrome:
    In Firefox, the last word of the article headline shown in the slider area is missing, GoogleChrome displays the headlines completely.

    Theme Author bradthomas127


    Thanks lagi80,

    I see it, i will look into a fix for the next update.

    Theme Author bradthomas127


    @lagi80 – Looks like it was more of a Firefox bug in 16.02, i just updated to version 17 and it went away. At the top right of your Firefox browser click the Firefox button then hover over help and click on About Firefox and make sure it says 17.0 if it doesn’t it should start auto updating and ask you to relaunch Firefox. Let me know if it fixes this problem for you.

    Hey, thanks for this information.
    Unfortunately, my Firefox is Version 17 incl. all updates…
    Problem still exists… 🙁

    Theme Author bradthomas127


    Sorry, when i first updated it stopped but now i see it again. will look into it some more.

    I think the width off the DIV-Container with the class “caption-contain” is not set to the right value. Sometimes it is too small, sometimes it is wide enough. I could not figure out when.

    Is there a possibility to change the slider to a look like the one on this blog http://www.kanzlei-lagerpusch.de ?

    Theme Author bradthomas127


    That’s the coin slider, you can make a child theme and add it.

    I will wait for an update of the leaf theme. The bug is not too heavy … I don’t want to use a Childtheme

    Ah thank goodness. This was driving me a bit nutty. Glad I stumbled upon this open issue. 🙂 Great theme! Will look forward to the Firefox fix. Thanks!

    How about the fix? http://forsakenxe.de/wordpress/

    Happening in chome, too and i won’t release my blog if the theme has a sevear problem that is hidding content.

    Here is a quick fix for this bug. Not very handsome, but it will suffice for some days – I hope not more 😉

    Go to the “design – editor” section and insert this little snippet in the main css-File “style.css”. I inserted the snippet just above the “Print”-Section in the CSS.

    /* ————————————————————–
    * = quick fix bug in Slider
    * ———————————————————– */
    .iview-caption.caption3 {

    It’s tested on:
    Mac: FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome
    Win: IE 9

    I hope, it will work for some of us,

    .footer-sidebar.three .widget-area  { clear: both; width:100%;}
    /* --------------------------------------------------------------
    * = quick fix bug in Slider
    * ----------------------------------------------------------- */
    .iview-caption.caption3 {
    /* --------------------------------------------------------------
     * = Print
     * ----------------------------------------------------------- */

    looks like this for me and still does nothing, did i do sth wrong?

    I went to your blog at http://forsakenxe.de/wordpress/ and it works good. The Caption is shown on full width.
    Perhaps you have to reload the page?

    Oh i see what you did there 😉

    I never had a problem with the width.

    My problem is that the content in the slider (e.g. newest 5 articles) are NOT shown under the slider under “more articles”.

    I just realized that i overread sth. in the first post were it was said that one word was missing.

    To give an example:
    I have articles like this:


    In the slider therer will be 19-15 but they won’t be shown under the slider so there it will start from 14-13. Is there a way to fix/change this, that all articles are shown under the slider?

    Sry for my confusing thoughtprocess 😀

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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