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  • paul.a.cunn


    This involves adding some code to a php file which sounds scary but it is not that difficult. Go to “Appearance” then “Editor” then in the top right drop down menu select “Pinboard”. Next find the php file “Theme Functions” or functions.php (they are the same file.) The run a search for $(‘#slider’).flexslider(. You should see a bunch of parameters. Add the following to these parameters. I added a line break and pasted mine right after “video: true,” and it works. The 5000 is the time in milliseconds, you can change it to whatever you want.

    slideshowSpeed: 5000,

    Thank you so much, Paul! It works wonderfully! Now I have two more questions, sorry: How can one find out where to add some code, I mean: do you have any smart resource to consult for such questions? How do you run such a search? I had to do it the complicate way: I had to paste the whole file into a Word document in order to look for your key phrase! Is there any search plug in?



    1. Most of the time you can use CSS to style your website. You should download the plugin child theme and make one and install Jetpack and use the css editor that jetpack has to edit code. Editing the php files of the theme is never recommended because when you update the theme the files of the update will erase your php fixes. Also editing php usually means you need to know more about coding.
    2. Next time just hit “control F” and run a search using your browser.

    Thanks again! So when I understand you correctly that means that I have to fix the slider timing everytime an update comes out, right?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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