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    My sliders are taking longer to load/display after upgrading to WP 4.0 (from 3.9) and Customizr .23 (from .19). This isn’t related to the number of slider images because the slowest of all is a single image slider – see here.

    I’m seeing a rotating wheel while the slider loads which I’ve never seen before (maybe it was always there but my sliders loaded so quickly that I didn’t see it).

    Also, while the image loads, the overlay containing the spinning wheel sits on top of the slider so that drop-down menus disappear behind it.

    Anyone else seen this?

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  • yes me too it doesn’t work with the demo slider either

    me too.. My slider doesn’t load at all, I only have loading icon..

    bundewarius, your slider works fine for me (the spinning wheel does appear for a fraction of a second but then the images load and advance as they should).

    Could you be seeing a local cache issue?

    chappie, yea, I just check and it started to work.. don’t know what happened.. I didn’t do anything..

    When I upgraded earlier this morning, I too had initial problems which mostly went away by themselves. These were:

    – Front end sliders not advancing
    – Back end Customizr menu>Widgets completely blank
    – Back end Customizr page preview showed permanent spinner but no slider images
    – Back end Customizr page preview drop down menu disappeared behind slider spinner overlay

    Logging in and out a couple of times seemed to fix most of the issues.

    I’ve re-cached all my pages via my plugin and I’ve cleared my browser cache but I still get a delay of 1-2 seconds while the slider loads (spinning icon) which I haven’t seen before the latest upgrades. Could someone please tell me if new visitors see it, e.g. on this page?


    Very briefly (1s max) before slider appears.

    @ef and I have raised it with @nikeo. Hopefully something will change with .24

    Thank you, Dave. I get closer to 2 secs every time in Mac Safari, albeit Mac Firefox and Mac Chrome are a fraction quicker.

    I’m hoping the fix won’t involve forcing each visitor to flush their cache as this would somewhat negate the benefit of serving cached pages in the first place!

    Takes about 6 seconds from here.

    [Your cache and theirs is different. Your cache takes all the php code’s output and saves it as a simple page on your server, so it reduces processing time and calls to your database. Their cache saves stuff like images and javascript, so their browser can serve it immediately, rather than trudging off to your server to get your (cached) page.]

    Thanks, ElectricFeet and…

    YIKES! SIX seconds!!??

    Have you upgraded?

    Not on my live site, no (this is normal for me—for theme updates I generally take a while and often skip releases if I don’t need the features/fixes). I updated my local install.

    Thank you @nikeo – Customizr .24 update has fixed this problem (from where I sit at least). Sliders display much more quickly without the revolving progress thingy – and instantaneously once cached.

    Marked as resolved.



    Yay! :-)))



    @electricfeet – it ain’t really fixed until you tell me it’s fixed 🙂

    Theme Author Nicolas


    Great @chappie, thanks for letting us know!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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