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  • I am using slider revolution, with every modal popup method and plugin i use to do popup and flowplayer shortcode NONE work. All of these popup and modal plugin methods work just fine, its just when using flowplayer shortcode NOTHING works.

    I’m working locally, so I have no links.. if you know of a method to open modal from inside slider revolution that will open flowplayer shortcode please let me know.

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  • Hi bernardberry,
    I have the same problem, did you manage to solve?
    How you solve?
    Thank you!

    Actually I did get it working, but not with the help from the devs at slider revolution or flowplayer devs.

    BUT, I did get everything working. The problem was actually with flowplayer’s js! I’m not a fan of using a bunch of plugins, BUT this one solved my issue and doesn’t add to admin pages loading, and works just like advertised! Plugin Organizer

    What I did with it was I simply made flowplayer’s js load later than slider rev! Actually I moved flowplayer’s js to load last!
    Another good thing with this plugin is you can selectively STOP some plugins AND even some other js from even loading on a page that does not need it!

    So for example, say you have a plugin that has no reason to even be loaded on a page / post.. you can REALLY easily stop it from loading!

    Ofcourse the seasoned WP coders will tell you to do this in functions.php.. but this plugin is excellent at doing it AND more!

    Try setting Flowplayer to load LAST, see if it works for you.

    Thanks for the answer, I’ll try Flowplayer

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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