• Hi there, thanks for the great theme.

    I’ve downloaded a demo data – but it doesn’t look like I can chose any other category for the slider? I was just trying to learn about the theme and the appearance>custom>homepage slider setting> and then it was originally a blank section selected, so I moved it to “choose category” to see if I’m able to select any other categories.

    Now, my slider is gone and I’m unable to chose any category even though I have demo data. I still see the data “spring collection” in the products, but looks like the slider not working.

    Any suggestion?

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  • Hi @fumipyo,

    Could you send the website URL, so we can track the exact issue?

    After choosing the product category please make sure it does contain the product with the featured image…More over the button on the slider image are tags of the product.


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    Hi Sushil,

    Thanks for the reply!
    It’s Zilgos.com.

    I have all the demo data loaded by using the importer. (https://wordpress.org/plugins/styled-store-demo-importer/.)

    But the dropdown doesn’t seem to show any category to select the slider from. (And also I don’t have a slider.)
    Here’s the scerenshot.

    HI fumipyo,

    Thank you for your response.

    It seems there is no product related to that specific category. Go to dashboard -> products -> category and check if product count showing the product assigned to it…


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    Hi Sushil,

    The problem is that I am unable to “choose” any category even though there are enough products with multiple categories. The screenshot I sent was to show there is no category is being available to choose from.


    Hello fumipyo,

    We are able to choose slider category from our demo site. It seems the products are not still assigned to the specific category hence you might be facing the issues. Please check it again and let us know!

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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I’m still having the same issue.

    Here’s the problem – just making sure if we are on the same page

    1. I have products assigned to categories (I have demo data downloaded)
    2. There is no category to choose from shows up in the appearance>customize>homepage>…slider setting

    Here’s the screenshots for them.
    1. Products assigned to categories

    2. Category section (categories registered and assigned to products)

    3. Nothing shows in the category to choose in slider setting section


    Hello Fumpiyo,

    Yeah we’ve checked the screenshots. Everything is well located as they should be.
    The problem you are facing is most likely due to javaScript conflict with other plugins. Try deactivating and reactivating them one by one to check if any conflict occurs. Otherwise everything looks fine .

    Best Regards,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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