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  • Can someone help me? I cannot figure out how to add an image using post type. I asked the creator of the theme and he replied: You need to upload the images in the Slider Post Type and make sure you create a specific category as special or something and then create images not larger than it shows on the demo.

    I’m ignorant and have no idea what that means. I see a sample thumb nail on the category I edited, but I don’t know how to insert my image.

    Thanks for you help

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  • As I don’t know what your theme is or what it’s capable of (functionality) what follows is just a guess.

    So in your posts editor there might be on the side a way to select the post type. IF there is, it sounds like there’s a type called “Slider”. Select that.

    Potentially the editor area will change to reflect the options available for this post type. Go ahead and create a post.

    These slider post types are then added to whatever the theme does to create a slider.

    Again, without knowing more about your theme and its functionality, this is just a guess.

    YOu are right the post type is slider, but when I go to create a slider there is no “featured image” to upload an image?

    Up at the top of the screen of the post edit page, just below the black admin bar, their should be a little tab that says something like “screen options”. Click it. It should drop down and show different screen options. Make sure the Featured Image option is checked. Back in your main post editing area, the Feature Image box should now be available.

    It doesn’t give me an option to check Featured Image. See here: There is no featured image option at the bottom right like it always is.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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