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  • Hi guys,

    ok, what i’m looking for is a plugin that will give me a slider type effect but i don’t need to swap the image.

    I have a header graphic but what i would like to do is for a new line of comment text to “slide” in onto of the graphic. then after a few seconds a new line of comment to again “slide” in from the side ABOVE the preceeding one.

    SO its all about text coming in onto of a single graphic rather than the usual transitioning of a group images.

    If this is not available as a standalone plugin the i presume i’ll need to use a typical image slider * that also has great text comment” functionality that can be tweaked seperate to the image transition setting.

    the sort of thing i’m trying to do ( but over a single image ) can be seen on the many demo’s of the code canyon graphic slider plugin’s. I don’t know if the text comments that come flying in and bouncing around above the graphics are part of their product Or just part of the video app they are using to show off their product.

    I’m looking from a a free product .

    hope i’ve explained it well enough to describe what i’m looking for.
    any suggestions would be most welcome

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  • Since you don’t want to pay for a commercial options, ave you actually made a search of the WordPress plugin repository?

    i have kevin. but obviously everything as aimed ( as i can totally understand ) at “moving” the graphics around. tried to wow slider etc etc but noting much happening on the text comment side other than appearing “unaniamted” below each individual graphic.

    i was hoping 1. because a single graphic header is fine for my purpose, its obviously got the advantage of no graphic latency.

    and 2) becuase the plugin’s can do all these wonderful ken burns / fader effects etc etc on full blown graphics,

    that there would be a plugin to just handle simple txt comment animation ( relatively speaking compared with graphics ).

    Hi moxton – I’m looking for something similar too – I’m sure I’ve encountered a free plugin that does animate text, but there are so many sliders now I’ve forgotten which one it was !

    Did you come up with anything ?

    why not use

    It’s not a wordpress plugin but a very light slider, which can be used for images and other things.

    Thanks for the idea, Beee.

    I see there’s a plugin using this JS too –


    nice didn’t know that plugin….

    But you can tweak it a lot more if you use its original source instead of the plugin.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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